Public Art

Tamworth Regional Council is committed to supporting and developing public art throughout our area.

Public art is a part of our public history, evolving culture and collective memory. It reflects and reveals the ideas and values of our society and adds meaning to our towns and cities. In creating public art, artists respond to our times and the outside world in a way that both reflects their inner vision and chronicles our public experience. Council invests annually in a Public Art Fund to be used for the development of new public art.

Council adopted its Public Art Policy in 2015. The policy will help guide public art decision making in the region through to 2021. Council’s Public Art Engagement Strategy 2016-2021 is utilised to govern a highly professional and well-managed process for the inception, coordination, installation, maintenance and ongoing management of public art in the Tamworth region.

The strategy aims to create an outdoor gallery that can connect public art to a place, express Tamworth’s image as a centre for quality and innovation, and create engagement with public art that leads to a sense of community ownership and pride.

To see the full Tamworth Regional Council Public Art Engagement Strategy click here. (PDF 8.1MB)

Excellent art in public places has the capacity to add layers of meaning, content, commentary and humour to streets, parkland and other public places for the enjoyment of community members and visitors.


Troy Casser-Daly, artist Peter Hooper and former Mayor Col Murray cut a red ribbon at the opening of the Picasso Guitar     Riverbend by James Rogers    2019 Public Art Emu Nest Bicentennial Park