Drainage diagrams

What is a Drainage Diagram?

A Drainage Diagram is one of the documents required to be attached to a contract of sale as stated in the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2017.

Council issues these diagrams in its role as the local sewerage authority.

All Drainage Diagram applications will state whether the property is, or is not connected to Council's sewer infrastructure. If connected, a diagram will be provided indicating the location of the sewer in relation to the land. 

For properties that are not connected to Council’s sewer infrastructure, a drainage diagram will be issued indicating whether or not it is serviced by an on-site sewage management system.


What is the fee for a Drainage Diagram?

The fee for each Drainage Diagram is listed in current Fees and Charges.


How long does it take to process a Drainage Diagram?

Drainage Diagrams are returned via emailed to the Applicant within seven working days after receipt of the application.


Who can apply for a Drainage Diagram?

Any person may apply for a Drainage Diagram regarding any land within the Tamworth Regional Council area.


How do I apply for a Drainage Diagram?

Online lodgement of Drainage Diagrams is available via the Development Hub.


How do I get further information relating to Drainage Diagrams?

For further information regarding Drainage Diagrams please contact Council.