Tamworth Citizenship Ceremonies

Upcoming ceremony dates:

Thursday 12 October, 2023

Friday 26 January, 2023

When is the next citizenship ceremony being held?

Tamworth Regional Council determines the specific dates in early February each year.
- There are four citizenship ceremonies held by Council each year; January (Australia Day), April, July, October
- We aim to hold ceremonies on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Where can I find Citizenship ceremony dates?

This information will be displayed on the Council website under “Upcoming Events” as soon as new dates have been determined.


Can I ask to be included in the next ceremony / can my family member included?

Tamworth Regional Council does not have any control over the list of people invited to participate in citizenship ceremonies and cannot add anyone to the list.
The list of participants is provided to Council by Ceremonies NSW (Home Affairs Office).
P: (02) 8862 6727 E: ceremony.nsw@homeaffairs.gov.au
This list is requested by the events team approximately four weeks prior to the event date.


Have I been approved for the next ceremony?

Tamworth Regional Council does not have access to anyone’s citizenship status, test results or approval information.
Tamworth Regional Council is only responsible for planning and delivering the civic ceremony in an event coordination capacity.
All official information is provided to Council by Ceremonies NSW as per above details.


How do I know if I am included in a ceremony?

If you have been included in the above-mentioned list of participants, you will receive an invitation from Council’s events team at least three weeks prior to the ceremony.
If you have been sent an invitation and do not respond, the events team will endeavour to contact you by either email or phone using information provided by Ceremonies NSW.


What happens if I am unable to attend a ceremony that I have been invited to?

If you have received an invitation to a ceremony but are unable to attend, please advise Council’s events team using the contact information on your invitation.
You will be automatically moved to the next ceremony date and will receive a new invitation closer to the next event.


Can I attend virtually or attend Council another day to complete my ceremony?

In order to make your pledge to become an Australian citizen, you must attend one of the four citizenship ceremonies held each year, in person. 
Council does not accommodate personal ceremonies.