Fraud and corruption

Tamworth Regional Council is committed to implementing strategies to protect the physical assets, funds and resources under its custodianship and prevent and detect fraud and corruption within the organisation.
Council’s Fraud and Corruption Framework include its Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan (available for download on this page) that supports its Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy.
Members of the community as well as Tamworth Regional Council staff have an important role to play in helping identify and reduce fraud and corruption in Tamworth Regional Council.
There are many situation where the community may to witness behaviour that could be fraudulent or corrupt. Community members interact with Council and staff in many ways, including:

  • as residents and ratepayers;
  • as friends and family members;
  • as service providers;
  • as volunteers; and
  • as suppliers.


Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy (PDF 87.9KB)

Fraud and Corruption - Community Fact Sheet (PDF 98.6KB)

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Control Plan (PDF 566.9KB)

What is corrupt conduct?

Corrupt conduct examples include:

  • misappropriation of Council funds;
  • exerting influence in order to receive a benefit for oneself or others;
  • using Council information to bribe or threaten individuals or businesses;
  • taking of equipment or supplies (including stationery or portable electrical equipment) from Council;
  • conspiring unfairly with others to determine a tender or development application;
  • receiving benefits to process development applications that do not meet statutory, regulatory or Council requirements;
  • enhancing ones financial position through the use of Council information;
  • unauthorised private use of a Council motor vehicle or other assets of Council;
  • using Council money for a private benefit;
  • accepting gifts that contravene the Code of Conduct (with failure to disclose the gift);
  • falsifying timesheets;
  • running a private business during working hours or with Council resource;
  • falsifying travel claims and/or reimbursements;
  • falsifying documents to obtain benefits that would otherwise not be provided; or
  • election bribery, election funding offences and election fraud. 

What do I do if I witness or suspect Fraud and Corruption?

Reports of fraud and corruption can be made:

  • Through Council’s website. Online reporting can be completely anonymous if you choose.
  • Over the phone – Call 02 6767 5555 and ask to speak to Council’s Internal Auditor.
  • In person by appointment – To make an appointment, call on 02 6767 5555 and ask to speak to Council’s Internal Auditor.

What happens following a report?

Any matters involving staff matters are confidential. All matters will be investigated in accordance with the information provided.

Those people who make a report and who provide their name and contact information will receive notice of an investigation being completed and closed and be given a general overview of the outcome. This will exclude confidential information.

For those matters where people make a report and do not provide their name and contact information, investigations will be conducted however if will not be possible to provide any update about the outcome.