Heritage in the Tamworth Region

Preserving our built and natural heritage is key to ensuring the Tamworth region remains a vibrant, distinct and desirable place to live or visit for generations to come. Council has developed policies including financial assistance schemes and heritage advisory services to help provide advice and support to owners of properties that offer heritage value to the wider community.

There are over 540 historically significant buildings and places listed in the Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010 (OTHER 2.6MB). The items listed in the plan were identified through studies conducted by Heritage Consultants. Heritage listed items are recognised through Council’s Section 149 Certificates which are issued as part of the legal process of selling a property.

Minor Works to Heritage Items

Clause 5.10 of the Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010 (OTHER 2.6MB) relates to heritage conservation, with subclause 5.10(3) permitting some minor works to be undertaken without consent. Minor works include things such as:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Painting a building in a colour scheme developed by Council’s Heritage Advisor
  • Replacing building elements on a ‘like for like’ basis.

If you wish to undertake minor works to your heritage listed building, it's important to ensure that what you plan on doing falls under the category of minor works.

Please complete an application form for works (PDF 431.9KB) and return to Council.

Heritage Precincts

Heritage Precincts are areas that exhibit particular heritage characteristics that distinguish them from other areas within a town or suburb. In Tamworth, there are Heritage Precincts within areas of East and West Tamworth. It’s important that new developments in these areas are sympathetic to their heritage value.

Further information about Heritage Precincts can be found in the Tamworth Regional Development Control Plan 2010 (PDF 8.5MB)

Tamworth Regional Heritage Festival and Awards

The Tamworth Regional Heritage Festival is an annual event that celebrates our region’s rich and diverse history. The festival features an exciting program of events including cultural tours, open days, exhibitions and more. The festival is a great way to learn more about the local stories and traditions that have shaped our community.

The Tamworth Regional Heritage Awards recognise the outstanding commitment and contributions of individuals and organisations to the conservation of our rich cultural heritage. The awards are presented biennially to recognise significant achievements related to heritage conservation, adaptive reuse and interpretation in our region. 
The next Tamworth Regional Heritage Awards will be held in 2024. 

Heritage Assistance Fund

The Tamworth Regional Heritage Assistance Fund is a local grant scheme available to assist with the partial funding of heritage conservation and restoration works for certain properties. Council gives priority to properties listed as Heritage Items in Schedule 5 of the Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010 (OTHER 2.6MB).

Grants are offered on a dollar for dollar basis and are assessed based on the type of work proposed, importance of the work to the conservation of the property and the total cost of the work.

To find out more about Council’s heritage assistance fund, download our Heritage Assistance Fund Brochure (PDF 525.5KB).

Click here to complete a 2023-24 Heritage Assistance Fund Application Form

If you’d like further information regarding the program, please contact Council’s Development Planning and Compliance Division on 6767 5507.  

Heritage Advisory Service

Council’s Heritage Advisory Service is a free service for owners of older and heritage buildings. Advice is provided by The Heritage Advisor, an experienced heritage practitioner who is jointly funded by the NSW Heritage Office and Council.

The service is intended to provide quality, practical advice to owners of heritage buildings.

How to access the Heritage Advisory Service

Council’s current Heritage Advisor, Ms Clare James visits the Tamworth Region once a month of a Friday. Hour long appointments can be made by contacting the Development Planning and Compliance Division on 67 67 5507 or email to trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au

If you have any photos, plans or additional information that is relevant to your property, please bring it with you to your appointment as it will assist in the provision of advice. After your consultation, advice can be sent via email, mail or presented to you at your appointment.

A heritage place may be a:

  • house
  • commercial building
  • public building
  • garden or tree
  • fence
  • movable heritage such as farm machinery, church organs, bells, written documents
  • industrial heritage such as mining sites and relics
Heritage advice may be provided for:
  • constructing a new building in a heritage area
  • design, colour and location of signs on commercial buildings
  • heritage colour schemes
  • design of a new ‘heritage’ fence
  • restoration advice dealing with damp in masonry buildings, cracks in walls, re-stumping, rotting window sills, chimney repairs, etc.

Community based Heritage Studies

A community-based heritage study is an inclusive, community-based approach to identifying, recognising and managing heritage within our community. Council recognise that heritage is one way that communities can retain their physical links with the past.

Through undertaking a community-based heritage study, communities can make a valuable contribution to a local heritage study, with the guidance of a heritage consultant.

During a study, members of the community work with the consultant to undertake research. The group nominates items of significance and considers recommendations for the future management and promotion of their local heritage items.

A community-based heritage study can include the following:

  • a Thematic History of the relevant area
  • recording of places and items
  • recommendations regarding inclusion of these places or items in a local heritage schedule
  • recommendations regarding tourism and promotion of the area

There are two Community Heritage Studies applying to the Tamworth Region which you may view via the links below:

Significant Tree Register

Council’s Significant Tree Register lists approximately 120 trees in the Tamworth City area that Council seek to protect and conserve. If you would like to view the Significant Tree Register, please contact Council to make a request.

The Registers contains the following information for each tree:

  • registration number
  • listing
  • date
  • botanic name
  • common name
  • location
  • property description
  • height
  • trunk diameter
  • date planted or estimated age
  • condition
  • photo
  • significance listing
  • location diagram
  • statement of significance