Young Drivers Expo

Young Drivers Expo

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and current health orders, this event has been cancelled for 2021. We look forward to presenting this event again in 2022.

The Tamworth Young Drivers Expo is a invite only expo. Schools are given the opportunity to participate and invite their Year 11 students and Year 10 students who maybe finishing their school studies at the end of the year to attend. Please contact your school to check if they are attending and day they are attending the expo.

The Tamworth Young Drivers Expo is held at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC) which is an excellent venue to conduct such an event. Given the location and size of the venue, it enables the Expo to conduct a variety of smaller group workshops or provide demonstrations to a large number of students at once.

Contact: Katie Alchin



In 1997, the Tamworth Young Drivers Expo was developed from a need to address the alarming rise in casualty and fatality statistics involving young drivers between the ages 16 - 25 years in New South Wales and the Northern Region. The most practical way to address the issue was at a local community level, utilising where possible local resources. 

The Tamworth Young Drives Expo was an initiative between the NSW Police Service, NSW Ambulance Service, Department of Education and Training, Hunter new England Area Health, Roads and Traffic Authority and Tamworth Regional Council and provides key stakeholders with the opportunity to reach the target group. Detailed discussions brought to light issues and areas where young people had insufficient opportunity to receive information which could assist them in making informed decisions about safe driving, drugs, alcohol and risk taking behaviours. 

Target Audience

The Young Drivers Expo is aimed at Year 11 students aged between 16 and 17 years. These students are in the process of either getting their Learner or Provisional Licences and are at a maturity level where understanding and influence is at its greatest.


1. To provide timely information for learner an provisional drivers on the issues of using mobile phones, speed, inattention, fatigue, drugs, drink driving, insurance costs and with motor vehicles, maintaining a safe vehicle, heavy vehicles awareness and possible outcomes of having a crash such as a brain injury and personal truma;

2. To improve young driver's awareness and perception of the risks and responsibilities associated with being a driver/passenger of a motor vehicle;

3. To increase awareness and knowledge of the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving and the associated impact in the area of health, financial and social costs;

4. To encourage young people to plan ahead and look after their friends when socialising to minimise 'risky' choices;

5. To promote better communication between parents and young drivers and an appreciation of both parental and young driver expectations during the 'learn to drive' period; and

6. To enhance road safety and drug education being taught in schools, mainly in the Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) curriculum area.



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