Outstanding Notices

What is an Outstanding Notice Certificate?

An Outstanding Notice Certificate outlines whether any outstanding notices or orders have been issued by Council for a number of things such as illegal building works or a failure to pay rates.

There are two different types of Outstanding Notice Certificates:

What is the fee for an Outstanding Notice Certificate?

Please refer to Council's fees and charges. (PDF 1.7MB)

In some cases, an inspection is required to confirm whether measures have been taken to correct an outstanding notice or order before a certificate can be issued. If this occurs, higher fees will be charged as outlined in Council's fees and charges (PDF 1.7MB).

How long does it take to process an Outstanding Notice Certificate?

Outstanding Notice Certificates are emailed to the Applicant within seven working days after receipt of the application.

Who can apply for an Outstanding Notice Certificate?

Any person may apply for an Outstanding Notice Certificate regarding any land within the Tamworth Regional Council area.

How do I apply for an Outstanding Notice Certificate?

Online lodgement of Outstanding Notice Certificates is available via the Development Hub.

How do I get further information relating to Outstanding Notice Certificates?

For further information regarding Outstanding Notice Certificates, please contact Council.