Water Restrictions

Due to ongoing drought conditions in the Tamworth Region and the wider Murray-Darling Basin, Tamworth Regional Council has had permanent water conservation measures in place since August 2002.

The Drought Management Plan (PDF 3.2MB) was adopted in in 2015 and is supported by the Demand Management Plan (PDF 1.9MB) (2016). Together, these plans aim to minimise the risk of our community running out of water by outlining water conservation measures that are employed by Council and to ensure water demand levels are efficient and sustainable.

To view a list of FAQs regarding water restrictions, as well as view current water restrictions and what they mean for you, please visit the MyTRC Online Community, Town Water Supplies page.

Current Water Restrictions

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Guide to Water Restrictions

The Drought Management Plan (PDF 3.2MB) outlines a 6-level water conservation plan for the Tamworth Region. The levels are based on dam levels, flows in streams and bore levels for all seven water supply schemes operated by Council.

The Water Restrictions system clearly sets out triggers for certain water use levels and restrictions so that you can understand exactly what water use rules apply under the different levels. The system has information for residential users as well as non-residential and commercial users.

The same water restrictions apply to Tamworth and all towns and villages in our region, but the trigger points for implementing restrictions vary depending on each supply.

Download the Water Restrictions Guide (PDF 335.2KB) for a quick and easy way to understand what you can and can’t do on each restriction level. If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions.

Why do we need water restrictions?

Council has developed the Water Restriction System so that our community can conserve the region’s treated water supplies if and when they drop.

Being smart with how you use water is important all the time – even when supply levels are high. Our region has permanent restrictions to ensure our community is using water as efficiently as possible and conserving it for the future. Water restrictions are never lifted, there is just a change in the level depending on how much water we have.

If supplies levels drop, Council implements a series of restrictions to conserve water until rainfall tops up the catchments and groundwater supplies.

Water Management Plans

Some residents may find it hard to abide by water restrictions for a number of reasons such as; hours of business operation, shift work or planting of new turf. 

Residents, business and organisations are able to apply for a Water Management Plan. It is important to note that once Level 3 Water Restrictions and above are reached, all Water Management Plans are inactive, null and void.

There are two types of Water Management Plan:

  • Variation to standard watering hours (for 12 months)
    This plan allows you to water outside set watering times. However, you must abide by the current restrictions conditions as laid out in the terms and conditions. Sporting clubs and schools have special conditions if maintaining sports areas.

  • 6-week new turf (for 6 weeks only)
    This plan allows you to water outside set watering times when irrigating newly planted turf. However, you must abide by the current restrictions conditions as laid out in the terms and conditions.
Council encourages all residents and business owners to look for alternative ways of complying with water restrictions before applying for a Water Management Plan.

If you are applying for a standard Water Management Plan, please complete and submit a Water Management Plan Application Form (PDF 312.4KB).

The form also outlines all the Terms & Conditions of Water Management Plans as well as applicable fees.

Completed forms and fees can then be submitted to your local Council customer service centre.