Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a program managed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) which aims to raise awareness about the impact of food waste in NSW and reduce how much 'good' food we waste. 

The Love Food Hate Waste program partners with government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations committed to reducing food waste in NSW.

Tamworth Regional Council became a registered partner to the Love Food Hate Waste Program in 2016 and encourages residents and businesses to visit the Love Food Hate Waste site for strategies, resources, tools and tips on reducing their food waste being sent to landfill. 

Simple actions can make a big difference!

The NSW EPA Love Food Hate Waste has six steps to help reduce food waste at home

1. Know your waste - what and how much are you throwing away!

2. Plan your meals - a bit of planning can save time and money. 

3. Shop with a list - tips to successful shopping trips.

4. Perfect portions - the right amount of food can save money and reduce food waste through portion planning.

 5. Keep it fresh in the fridge, freezer and pantry. 

6. Love your leftovers through recipes ideas by using the Love Your Leftovers app or visit the Love Food Hate Waste UK or Love Food Hate Waste Victoria or by watching the
NSW EPA's video for more tips on loving your leftovers.

For businesses you can view information on:
  • Are you throwing away money?
  • Ways to reduce food waste in business - Seven Steps to boost business profits;
    1. Do a review;
    2. Sharpen your orders;
    3. Create a clever menu;
    4. Store food smarter;
    5. Train your staff;
    6. Reduce plate waste;
    7. Donate or recycle
  • see some case studies (videos and fact sheets) of businesses who have taken the steps to reduce their food waste going to landfill that might provide you with some ideas or points for consideration;


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