Critical stage inspections

Nominating a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

A PCA must be nominated prior to commencement of works if your building works are subject to a Construction Certificate or a Complying Development Certificate.

The role of a PCA is to undertake critical stage inspections of the building work in accordance with Section 162A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Council are able to fulfil the role of a PCA.

If you would like to appoint Council as the Principal Certifying Authority for your building work, please complete the form below and return it to any Council Customer Service Centre.

For more information please refer to the following documents:

Critical Stage Inspections

To ensure that construction works are being undertaken in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and relevant standards, your development may be subject to inspections during critical stages of the development.


Where are my required Critical Stage Inspections listed?

Depending on the type of approval granted for your development, your critical stage inspections will be listed within your:

  • Principal Certifying Authority Agreement
  • Development Consent
  • Complying Development Schedule of Conditions

Types of Critical Stage Inspections

Your list of inspections may include any or all of the following:

  • after excavation for, and prior to the placement of, any footings
  • prior to pouring of any in-situ reinforced concrete building element
  • prior to covering of any framework for any floor, wall, roof or other building element
  • Mechanical ventilation ductwork prior to internal lining
  • prior to covering waterproofing in any wet areas
  • prior to covering any stormwater drainage connections
  • retaining walls with drainage in position prior to backfilling
  • after building work has been completed and prior to any occupation certificate being issued in relation to the building
  • after construction of the swimming pool is completed and the barrier (where required) has been erected and before the pool is filled with water
  • after building work has been completed and prior to any occupation certificate being issued in relation to the structure/building

Additional Inspections required during construction

In some cases, additional inspections may be required which will be specified in your PCA agreement. This will depend on the extent and types of works being undertaken, ensuring that all work is carried out to an acceptable standard.

Additional inspections/re-inspections may also be required as a result of non-compliant works or staged inspections where necessary.

Each additional inspection undertaken throughout the construction phase will incur the appropriate inspection fee as outlined in Tamworth Regional Council 2019/2020 Fees and Charges.


How do I book Critical Stage Inspections?

If you would like to arrange an inspection, click here to complete our online booking form.

When you book your inspection, please have the following information ready:

  • type of inspection (refer to Consent or PCA Agreement for the inspections required)
  • address of where the inspection will take place
  • contact name and telephone number of the relevant person
  • application reference number
  • construction certificate number
  • development application number
  • complying development certificate number