Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Projects - Phase 3

Phase three of the Australian Government's Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program is investing $5,305,066 in projects across the Tamworth Region to support local jobs, businesses and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Below is a list of the projects being completed across the region.


Project name Description Funding amount      Status            
Bicentennial Park Tree Planting  Install additional shade trees along the paths within Bicentennial Park $20,000  In progress
Tamworth Regional Astronomy Centre Upgrades  Provide storage for displays and build four toilets  $300,000  Completed
Off-Leash Dog Park, George Street Basin  Installation of boundary fences, shelters, seating, tree planting and drinking stations $75,000  Completed
Tamworth Sports Dome - Playground and Seating  Upgrade existing playground and seating $200,000  Completed
Victoria Park Boundary Fence Supply and install boundary fence from water tower to Botanic Gardens entrance to improve security $20,000  Completed
Relocation of Marsupial Park Emus Relocation of the Victoria Park emus to an area between the Botanic Gardens and Marsupial Park. This location is better terrain for the animals  $150,000  Not started
Tamworth Regional Playground Soft Fall Upgrade of all pine bark soft fall areas to rubber soft fall to create a more accessible and inclusive play space $322,500  Completed
CBD Tree Planting Commencement of significant tree plantings throughout the Tamworth CBD $500,000  Not started
Victoria Park Walking Trails Improve the walking trails and their drainage throughout Victoria Park, connecting the Botanic Gardens and the Marsupial Park $150,000  Completed
BMX Track Upgrade Upgrade the racing surface to be able to host elite level Championships $250,000  Completed
Centenary Park Public Amenities Provide public amenities to Centenary Park $75,000  Not started
On road rural cycling improvements To improve safety of on road cycling routes identified in Council's Active Transport Strategy $300,000  Not started
Viaduct Park Playground Replace existing playground equipment with a large, modern, shaded playground which includes all ability elements  $500,000  Completed


Moonbi, Kootingal and Bendemeer

Project name Description Funding amount      Status            
Moonbi Lookout Upgrades Improvements including rock wall repairs and installation of a picnic shelter $140,000 In progress
Moonbi Recreation Amenity Block Installation  Install additional amenities block toilet at the southern end of the grounds. $155,000 Completed
Memory Park Improvements  Installation of irrigation and a path in the park $52,500 Completed
Kootingal Amphitheatre Ramp Installation Supply and install wheelchair accessible ramp to stage platform $15,000 Not started
Kootingal and Bendemeer - Cemetery Boundary Fence Install boundary fencing at Kootingal and Bendemeer cemeteries $15,000 Completed
Kootingal Multi-Purpose Centre Upgrade the existing hall, and build a new library attached to the rear of the existing hall $1,200,000 In progress
Bendemeer sportsground picnic table and shelter Supply and install picnic table setting with shade shelter near playground equipment $12,500 Completed



Project name Description Funding amount      Status            
Cricket Net Replacement Replace 2 lane cricket practice nets at Chaffey Park $100,000 Completed
Manilla Rotary Park footpaths Replace existing footpaths $80,000 Completed
Manilla Rotary Park seating Replace picnic tables and bench seating $22,000 Completed
Manilla Lookout Improvements Improvements to lookout including sheltered BBQ and picnic tables $80,000 Completed
Manilla Showground fencing Install boundary fencing adjacent to river and safety fencing for Team Penning events $10,000 Completed
Manilla Showground improvements Drainage works, internal road grading and refill, replace fascia and guttering to secretaries building $85,000 Completed
Manilla Cemetery Improvements Install bollards and lawn burial beams, installation of toilets and remove asbestos $145,000 Completed
Manilla Rotary Park Aviary Upgrade and improvements to the bird aviary $30,000 In design


Somerton, Limbri and Moore Creek

Project name Description Funding amount      Status            
Somerton Hall BBQ Installation of BBQ at Somerton Hall $12,000  Completed
Limbri Toilets New toilets to replace existing amenities $53,000  Not started
Moore Creek Recreation Reserve Playground
New play equipment  $45,000  Completed