Waste Disposal Permits

A new Waste Disposal Permit system has been introduced to ensure adequate controls are in place in order to assess waste types that originate from industrial and/or commercial business activities prior to being received at landfill.

The Waste Disposal Permit system will apply to these three main waste types:

  1. Asbestos products;
  2. Contaminated waste; and
  3. Clean fill waste.

Please review the Questions and Answers below. 

For enquiries, please contact the Waste and Resource Recovery division of Council on (02) 6767 5810.

To complete a Waste Disposal Permit Request online, please click here

Alternatively, a copy can be downloaded here (PDF 190.3KB).

Click here to download the Waste Division Terms and Conditions. (PDF 210.9KB)

Click here to complete an online Waste Depot Credit Application.

Do I need a permit?

If your business is a waste generator or waste transporter of Asbestos products, Contaminated Waste products or Clean Fill, then a Waste Disposal Permit will be required for the disposal of these products at Forest Road Landfill (FRL).  Permits are only required for commercial entities, residents do not require Waste Disposal Permits.

The information you are asking for is all contained on the EPA proof of delivery docket including the waste facility docket number and accurate weight of the product delivered, why then should we have to do another form with estimated amounts when we could submit the EPA form to TRC with accurate information?

The Waste Disposal Permit system is designed specifically for facility operational purposes, not to track or regulate waste streams on behalf of regulators. The process for handling and disposing of ACM material and Contaminated Waste on site is different to compacting general solid waste. Different equipment, different cover material depths and the product are GPS tracked within the landfill cell fill sequence.  

Cover material for ACm is 1 metre depth of soil, this material is extracted from an onsite quarry andcarted to tip face on a daily basis. EPA licence conditions are imposed on the landfill owner, not the waste generator or waste carrier. Landfill owners are required to create their own systems to ensure waste is processed as per licence conditions. As mentioned before, the intention is to understand what waste is coming inn, when is it coming inn and how much? This information is vital in understanding what operational resources are required for managing tip faces for the day.In saying that, emergencies do happen and we will cater for those on a day to day basis. 

Application Requirements

In order to complete a Waste Disposal Permit Request, you will need to have a detailed understanding of the waste product you wish to dispose of.   Please view the online form here or download the form .

Permit Application Fees

There will be no application fees for the issuing of Waste Disposal Permits.

What forms will I need to use?

All applications can be made online here.  Alternatively, you can download a Waste Disposal Permit Request (PDF 190.3KB).  Downloaded forms may be saved for offline use.  Please note that all forms will be reviewed at the end of each financial year.

Lodging a permit application

Application forms can be submitted online here.  Alternatively, you can submit an electronic copy to trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au or hard copies may be delivered to Customer Service at Ray Walsh House, 437 Peel Street, Tamworth.

How long before I get a permit?

The processing time for correctly submitted applications is estimated to be 48 hours; therefore applicants are encouraged to complete all sections of the application form sufficiently in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.  Should additional information be required, the assessing officer will make contact with the applicant in order to obtain this information.

Who assesses my application?

A Senior Environmental Officer who understands the facility licencing conditions will be available to assess applications on a case by case basis. It is imperative that the conditions and obligations associated with FRL Environmental Protection Licence align with processing and work activities carried out at FRL.

What happens if I turn up to FRL with a load of material that should've been assessed via a waste permit?

There are no penalties for the Waste Disposal Permit system; however should drivers arrive to FRL weighbridge without a valid disposal permit then processing delays should be expected.

How do I get authorisation to dispose of these waste products at short notice, to ensure I can service my customers in a timely manner and prevent unnecessary delays?

Businesses are encourage to discuss waste disposal requirements with their clients. If the business is required to dispose of the product, apply for a waste disposal permit as soon as possible. If the job is approved, then the business may have a permit in place already. If the business were unsuccessful with their quote, then they can simply email us at trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au and we will cancel the permit for you.

Fast-track options are available by calling our Business Support team or by attending our weighbridge at FRL and completing an application form onsite; bear in mind, this option will cause delays to your driver and can take time to process.

Why do we need Waste Disposal Permits?

Operating and Monitoring conditions specified in EPA Licence – 5921, requires that Activities at FRL must be carried out in a competent manner.  This includes the processing, handling, movement and storage of materials and substances used to carry out the activities on site; and the treatment, storage, processing, reprocessing, transport and disposal of waste generated by the activity.   In order to comply with this condition, it is vital that Officers know and understands the make up of waste that enters the facility.

The Waste Disposal Permit system is a perfect tool for being able to record and assess waste disposal applications, but more importantly it provides waste carriers with clear and concise instructions in regards to how the waste should be received at FRL.   Waste carriers will have the ability to pass on this information to waste generators in order to inform safe waste disposal practices at the source.

From time to time we carry out emergency removals where the ACM is in a dangerous area.  Having to submit an application would severely hinder this process.

The permit system was not developed to hinder industry in their day to day operation; instead it is designed to inform the facility operators when hazardous waste will enter the facility and to plan final burial as regulated.  In an emergency situation, the works should always commence as required.  The driver may obtain a disposal permit from the weighbridge if that is the case.  Note that in an emergency situation, FRL facility will not receive ACM past 4:00pm due to the inability to safely process the waste as per licence requirements.

The amount to be removed can vary once we are on site - will this require a re-submission of an application?

The amount is merely a rough indication of the waste quantity and officers understand this could change due to various reasons; weighbridge attendants will monitor tonnages and inform drivers of any discrepancies.  It is not our intention to be a regulator of waste streams, we only need to know what is coming, when it is coming and more or less how much.  When completing the application form we would suggest using terms such as: A truck load, ute load or cubic metres... This provides the Assessment Officer with some indicative understanding of quantities.

Quite often there is no analysis of the product being removed - is this a prerequisite?

Permits may be completed by the waste generator or the waste carrier.  If the product is contaminated we would expect that the waste generator will have a good idea as to why the waste has been contaminated and the anticipated levels of contamination that have occurred.  If this information cannot be provided, then a laboratory report may be requested.

Who do I contact if I need help?

For all enquires in regards to the Waste Disposal Permit system, please contact our Waste Services Business Support team on (02) 6767 5810, or alternatively you may email us on trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au.

Can I make a suggestion?

Always!  If you have any specific suggestions with regard to the process or have an idea that we may want to consider, you can contact the Manager of Waste and Resource Recovery via trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au.

What do I need to do now?

If you're a commercial entity and have Asbestos, Contaminated Waste or Clean Fill to take to Forest Road Landfill, please complete the application form by either downloading a hard copy (PDF 190.3KB) or completing the online form here.

It is important that waste carriers carry a copy of the waste permit on board their vehicle when disposing of Asbestos, Contaminated Waste or Clean fill.