Water Services

Bulk Water Filling Stations

Tamworth Regional Council has installed 9 bulk water filling stations across the Council area. The project aims to give the community access to large volumes of potable water in our region available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Locations of Bulk Filling Stations 

Public access to bulk water filling stations is determined by the current level of water restrictions within any water supply. Public access is not permitted whenever a water supply is at level 3 water restrictions or above. At these water restrictions, supply is restricted to registered domestic water carters only.

Please see below for the locations and availability of bulk water filling stations in the region:

Address  Current Water Restriction Level  Accessible To 
19-23 Lockheed Street, Tamworth (PDF 2.9MB) Level 1 Resident Access
Behind Star Service Station
Goonoo Goonoo Road, Tamworth (PDF 3MB)
Level 1 Resident Access
Sandy Road, Kootingal (PDF 3.2MB) Level 1 Resident Access
Oxley Anchor
Manilla Road, Hallsville (PDF 3.3MB)
Level 1 Resident Access
Oakenville Street, Nundle (PDF 3.4MB) Permanent Resident Access
Adjacent to Showground
River Street, Manilla (PDF 3.5MB)
Permanent Resident Access
Caroline Street, Bendemeer (PDF 3.2MB) Permanent Resident Access
Palmer Street, Attunga (PDF 3.2MB) Permanent Resident Access
Adjacent to Showground
Rodney Street, Barraba (PDF 3.3MB)
Permanent Resident Access
                                  Resident access to bulk filling stations
  No resident access to bulk filling stations 


Metered standpipe hire

Council hires out metered standpipes to approved customers under certain terms and conditions for the purpose of supplying potable water from its reticulation system for use on development sites, water cartage, road works, landscaping and wherever access to water is otherwise limited.

A standpipe is a metered portable device used to obtain water directly from fire hydrants. Only approved customers can access the water network using a standpipe.

How do I apply to hire a metered standpipe?

Simply download and complete an Application Form for Metered Standpipe Hire (PDF 161.6KB) and be sure to read through the Metered Standpipe Hire Terms and Conditions. (PDF 433.7KB)

In the 2021/2022 Financial Year metered standpipe hire costs include:

  • Rental bond: $1,978.00
  • Hire fee per week: $26.00
  • Water consumption costs: $2.07 per kL

Click here to see fees and charges and search 'standpipe'.

If you’re successful with your application to hire a Metered Standpipe, you’ll be required to complete a log book of it’s use on a monthly basis - download the Metered Standpipe Log Book (PDF 506.3KB).

Flow and pressure test application

Council offers a Statement of Pressure and Flow rate on Council water mains.

These are the tests required for water connections or extensions for new development including design of fire protection systems (hydrants). Click here to see Fees and Charges and search 'flow'.

To apply for a Flow and Pressure Test, download and complete the relevant form below and return with payment to Council.

Stand Alone Rainwater Tank, Bore or Grey Water System Inspection

You may choose to install a standalone rainwater tank; compliant grey water system or use bore water to water your garden outside of limits imposed by water restrictions however you will need an Official Council Approved Sign to avoid water restriction breach reports. 

For more information including terms and conditions and to apply click here.

Tamworth Environmental Laboratory

Click here to find out more

Water Refill Stations

To help make our region ever more sustainable, there are multiple Water Refill Stations. Each station includes a drinking fountain, multiple bottle refill points and even a dog bowl.

The project discourages the use of single use drink bottles while providing residents and visitors access to free drinking water.

See Water Refill Station locations on the map below.



Drought Relief Application

Council resolved to provide a limited free bulk water supply for drought affected rural customers. The period of free bulk water supply will be determined by Council.

Click here to complete the Drought Relief Water Filling Station Application Form

Registered Domestic Water Carters

Water Carters supplying water must be registered with Council.

A list of Domestic Water Carters registered with Council is provided below:

Business Name  Contact Number  Email Address 
Water on the Run 0412 712 552 kate@spryshorthorns.com
Sonny Ride - Manilla & Barraba  0417 619 173 sonny.coreena.ride@hotmail.com
Tucky's Topsoil & Water Deliveries  0428 175 264 denise.joiner@bigpond.com
Domestic Water Supplies 0429 613 061 domestic.watersupplies@gmail.com
Wayne Smith Water Carting 0419 629 960
0408 657 652
Dave Henry Water Cartage 0429 141 271 dave.henry4@bigpond.com
R & H Tipper Hire/Water Suppliers 0428 606 272 rodcochrane9898@gmail.com
Rowan Ross Contracting 0403 885 439 rosscontractingptyltd@gmail.com
Civilcon Solutions 0437 889 960 jackson@civilconsolutions.com
FarmCrete 0448 107 649 farmcrete@hotmail.com
Potsy's Domestic Water 0408 970 154 mitchellpotter@hotmail.com


For further enquiries please contact Customer Services on 02 6767 5555.


Water Management Plans

Some residents may find it hard to abide by water restrictions for a number of reasons such as; hours of business operation, shift work or planting of new turf.

Residents, business and organisations are able to apply for a Water Management Plan. It is important to note that once Level 3 Water Restrictions and above are reached, all Water Management Plans are inactive, null and void.

There are two types of Water Management Plans:

Variation to standard watering hours (for 12 months)
This plan allows you to water outside set watering times. However, you must abide by the current restrictions conditions as laid out in the terms and conditions. Sporting clubs and schools have special conditions if maintaining sports areas.

6-week new turf (for 6 weeks only)
This plan allows you to water outside set watering times when irrigating newly planted turf. However, you must abide by the current restrictions conditions as laid out in the terms and conditions. Council encourages all residents and business owners to look for alternative ways of complying with water restrictions before applying for a Water Management Plan.

If you are applying for a Water Management Plan, please click here (PDF 203KB) to complete and submit an application form.

The form also outlines all the Terms & Conditions of Water Management Plans as well as applicable fees. Completed forms and fees can then be submitted online, or to your local Council customer service centre.