Tank, Bore or Grey Water System Inspection Form

You may choose to install a standalone rainwater tank; compliant grey water system or use bore water to water your garden outside of limits imposed by water restrictions however you will need an Official Council Approved Sign to avoid water restriction breach reports. 

Please read the following before applying:

Stand alone rainwater tank

  • The tank is a standalone rainwater system.
  • Rainwater tanks connected to the treated town water supply are not eligible for a council issued sign. It is very difficult for Council to monitor use of these types of rainwater tanks during water restrictions as the supply can be switched back and forth without being detected.
  • Any tank installed to meet BASIX requirements is not a standalone tank and therefore not eligible for a sign 

Grey Water Systems

  • They must be either of the below two systems:
    Greywater Diversion System
    Greywater Treatment System
  • These systems must be installed by a licensed plumber
  • A certificate of Compliance and plumbers declaration must be uploaded when submitting this application
  • No sign will be issued for any other temporary or improvised system 

Bore Water

  • The bore is located on the property requesting the signage
  • A valid ground water licence must be uploaded when submitting this application

To read the full list of terms and conditions click here (PDF 185.3KB).


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