Waste Education

Council employs a Waste Sustainability Officer who is available to speak with residents, students and teachers within the Tamworth Regional Council area.

Our Waste Sustainability Officer shares information about waste management and sustainability practices in our region. They can also arrange tours of the landfill sights as well as provide printed education materials.

There is no fee for the Waste Sustainability Officer’s services. If you’re interested in arranging a visit for your school or community group, please submit your request to Council Customer Service via email with a few date options in mind.

Council also participates in the following initiatives to help educate the community about waste, recycling, anti-litter campaigns and interactive learning:


The Waste Sustainability Officer can assist is providing information for school assignments on topics such as waste, recycling, composting and worm farming. Please email Council Customer Services with your request. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to get in touch and source the information.

We also have a Glossary of Terms (PDF 105KB)  for definitions on all things waste and sustainability.


The Waste Sustainability Officer is available to attend your school/class to talk about waste, litter, composting, worm farming or recycling. This can be arranged by filling out the School Visit Booking Form (PDF 32.5KB)  and submitting as advised on the bottom of the form.

Alternatively, if you would like to take your class on a tour of the landfill, this too can be arranged by completing the Application Form (PDF 60KB) and submitting as advised on the bottom of the form.