Water, sewer and drainage approvals (S.68)

Council is the Water Management Authority for the Tamworth Local Government Area as constituted under the Water Management Act 2000.

All works that apply to Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 require approval from Council prior to commencement of works. 

Activities requiring approval are listed below:


Section 68 Approvals – Local Government Act 1993

  • carry out water supply work (water plumbing connected to a Council supply)
  • draw water from a council water supply or a standpipe or sell water so drawn
  • install, alter, disconnect or remove a meter connected to a service pipe
  • carry out sewerage work (sanitary drainage connected to a Council sewer or onsite sewerage management system)
  • carry out stormwater drainage work (connected to a Council main, gutter or channel)
  • connect a private drain or sewer with a public drain or sewer under the control of a council or with a drain or sewer which connects with such a public drain or sewer
  • install, construct or alter a waste treatment device or a human waste storage facility or a drain connected to any such device (Onsite Sewerage Management System such as a septic tank or grey water treatment device)


The following water, sewer and drainage inspections must be carried out by Council even if Council has not been appointed the PCA for the building work:

  • underfloor drainage under hydrostatic test prior to covering
  • internal stackwork under hydrostatic test prior to covering
  • hot and cold water plumbing under pressure test prior to covering
  • sanitary drainage under hydrostatic test prior to covering
  • the installation of the septic tank and any sullage trenches prior to covering
  • final inspection of all plumbing and drainage works

How do I apply for an approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993?

You can lodge applications for water, sewer and/or drainage works via the NSW Planning Portal.


What are the fees for Section 68 Approvals and Inspections?

Fees relating to water, sewer and drainage works applications are outlined in Council's fees and charges (PDF 1.7MB).