Join a committee

Would you like to become involved and make a meaningful contribution in your community?

Community Management Committees operate in almost every town and village in our region. These Committees are referred to as Section 355 Committees and exist to assist Council in the management of community facilities and to make recommendations regarding related events, projects or initiatives. Becoming a member of a Section 355 Committee is a great way for you to make a contribution to your local community.

Section 355 is a section of the Local Government Act (1993) that allows Council to delegate some of its functions to a Committee of Council, appointing members of the community to help manage facilities or functions. Council encourages community participation if you’re interested, and invite you to become a committee member.

There are currently 37 Section 355 Community Committees in the Tamworth Regional Council area. A complete listing, along with contact details and meeting minutes for each committee can be found here. 

Membership is open to any member of the public who wishes to join and contribute. To join, simply make your request at the next meeting of the committee you wish to become a member of. The Secretary will then note your request in the minutes and forward them to Council for approval.

On occasion, Councillors and Council staff may attend meetings of a Section 355 Community Committee. This helps them to gauge areas of concern within the community. They’re also able to assist the committee with prioritising proposals for improvement, growth and development plans relevant to that Community Committee.

For more information on Section 355 Committees or your local community committee please contact Council  or download the Section 355 Community Committees Operational Manual (PDF 2.4MB)