Pre DA-Services

Council offer two Pre-Development Application services for anyone seeking more detailed planning advice. If you’re looking to redevelop a site for a larger or more complex proposal or just want greater certainty that your development application will be suitable, our Development and Approvals team provide the following services:


Pre-Development Application Meetings

Pre-Development application (DA) meetings are designed to provide professional advice for anyone looking to submit larger development proposals, including:

  • multi-dwelling housing
  • intensive agriculture
  • aged care or retirement villages
  • subdivisions that propose an extension to Council's infrastructure
  • large industrial and commercial developments
  • other complex development proposals

A pre-DA meeting should be arranged for all proposed developments involving an extension to or the construction of new public infrastructure, regardless of scale.

Pre-DA meetings help to ensure that planning, engineering and design issues are resolved before the DA is submitted. The meetings help to speed up the approval process as they reduce the need for future negotiations and requests for additional information.



  • We receive a large volume of requests, so the scale and progress of a proposed development will be carefully considered before a meeting is scheduled. If your proposed development is small in scale or hasn’t progressed to a point that facilitates meaningful discussion, we will direct you to use one of our preliminary services first.
  • Please submit draft plans of the proposed development for the discussion at least seven days prior to the meeting. If plans of the proposed development aren’t provided in this timeframe, your meeting will be cancelled.
  • Pre-Development Application Meetings are free of charge.

Written Preliminary Development Advice

Written Preliminary Development Advice is ideal for smaller scale development proposals that seek variations on council’s standards or when determining whether a dwelling is permissible on rural land.

You can submit a request for Preliminary Development Advice with Council. An assessment will then be undertaken on the submitted information as if it were a DA.  And like a DA, Preliminary Development Advice incurs a fee at time of request.

Once assessed, we will prepare a written response to your application which identifies any issues that should be addressed for future DAs, compliance with relevant development controls and highlights any concerns Council may have.

Visit our Online Development Hub where you will find the Lodge an Application section. Here you can register and apply for Preliminary Development Advice.


Further Information

Please contact Council’s Development and Approvals Division for further information or book your pre-DA meeting by phoning (02) 6767 5507.