Nominating a Principal Certifier

A Principal Certifier must be nominated prior to commencement of works if your building works are subject to a construction certificate or complying development certificate.

To lodge either a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Application with Council, applications must be made through the NSW Planning Portal.

A Construction Certificate is a Post Consent Certificate and is issued after development consent has been obtained, more information on post consent certificates can be obtained here.

The role of a Principal Certifier is to undertake critical stage inspections of the building work in accordance with Section 162A of the 
Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 - NSW Legislation to be able to issue an Occupation Certificate at the end of development to allow occupation or use of the structure.

If you would like to appoint Council as the Principal Certifier for your building work, you will need to arrange to have the Owners or the Person having Benefit of the consent (not the builder unless you are the owner) sign the Contract for Certification Work/Appointment of Principal Certifier application as required by Part 5 of the Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2020 - NSW Legislation

A copy of Tamworth Regional Council’s contract is provided here.

This application is to be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

The contract is to be signed, executed and contain a declaration confirming the person has freely chosen to engage the Certifier and agrees to the terms of the contract and understands the roles and responsibilities for both owner and certifier.

Further information about the role of Certifiers can be obtained from NSW FairTrading.