Sustainability at Council

Tamworth Regional Council is committed to environmental sustainability and sustainable development. Specifically, Council recognise the need to protect and enhance our natural and built environments if we want a healthy, connected and sustainable future.

In 2015, Tamworth Regional Council established a dedicated Sustainability Unit. The team of four staff provide specialist advice on sustainable water, waste and energy practices. The Sustainability Unit is committed to strengthening Council’s corporate sustainability performance, engaging the local community and facilitating sustainable development for our Region.

The Sustainability Strategy 2017-2021 (PDF 1.1MB)  is Tamworth Regional Council’s roadmap for advancing sustainability in our Region.

The Sustainability Strategy has four key themes: energy, waste, water and carbon emissions. For each theme, goals and actions have been identified. The actions will be developed into projects and will help create a more sustainable Tamworth Region. The strategy also highlights Council’s corporate sustainability targets and commitments, ensuring Council is a leader in renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Water Sustainability at Council

Council is committed to being a leader is sustainable water use, contributing to a waterwise region for our future.

Here are some of Council’s more recent, major projects:

Location Water Saving Projects
Plain Street Playing Fields  Bore and tank system now irrigates fields completely with groundwater 
Belmore Park Bore and storm water tank installed to irrigate cricket pitch and adjacent bowling greens 
Lockheed Street Depot 200,000 litre rainwater tank installed at depot for vehicle washdown, toilet flushing, street sweeper and road projects requiring tankers 
All roundabouts with gardens  Dripper systems and timers installed
Flynn Street Depot 115 kilolitre rainwater tank installed to be used for mower and vehicle washdown and CBD bird disruption
Botanic Gardens Bore installed
Manilla Caravan Park Dual flush toilets installed
Manilla Town Halls Tap aerators and thermostatic mixing valves
Gipps Street Playing Fields Bore and tank system now irrigates fields completely with groundwater
AELEC, Athletics Centre & Longyard Golf Course  Backwash water from treatment process at Calala Water Treatment Plant is now recycled through these locations
Tamworth Airport Terminal Sensor taps, new dual flush toilets, 3-star showerheads installed in hangars and maintenance shed
Across region Purchased 500 Greenwell tree watering systems for new tree plantings
Scully Park Regional Sporting Complex Combination of bore and one megalitre of rainwater to irrigate fields
Council Tree Nursery One megalitre of recycled effluent from Westdale Wastewater Treatment Plant provided for irrigation of young plants prior to planting in parks and streetscaping 
Riverside Cricket Fields & part of Baseball Fields Two bores now irrigating fields