Tamworth CBD Free and Paid Parking

Tamworth’s CBD has almost 4000 car parking spaces; 2,315 on-street spaces and 1,429 off-street (car park) spaces. There are also 53 disabled car parking spaces in the CBD.

There is a mixture of free and paid parking spaces available, with spaces signposted to indicate if payment is required. In the CBD, time restrictions on free parking spaces range from ¼ hour, ½ hour, 1 hour, 2-hour, 4 hour and all day.

Paid parking spaces can be paid for hourly or daily, using one of the 42 pay and display parking machines throughout the CBD, or the pay by mobile Easypark app. For current parking fees, click here and search for ‘parking’.

Monthly parking permits are available for purchase at Council’s Customer Service Centre. These permits can only be used in Council’s off-street ticketed car parks at White Street (off Kable Avenue in Bicentennial Park), Kable Avenue (on the south side of Ray Walsh House) and Country Women’s Association/Hands of Fame car park (Kable Avenue).

Parking is also available in several large, privately owned car parks such as Centrepoint (330 spaces) and Tamworth Square (500 spaces).

Please download our Tamworth CBD Parking Map (PDF 1.1MB) which highlights parking locations and categories.

Free Parking

  • Griffin Avenue (all day)
  • Tamworth Community Centre car park - access from Peel or Darling Streets (all day)
  • Byrnes Avenue between Hill and Roderick Streets (all day)
  • Byrnes Avenue between Roderick and Murray Streets (all day)
  • Behind the NRMA office in Peel Street between White and Hill Streets (free all day; some 2 hour free parking Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm)
  • Gipps Street, over the footbridge on the western side of the Peel River, access via Ebsworth Street (all day)
  • Riverside beside the main Peel River bridge, with access off Bridge Street via Carter Street (all day)
  • No. 1 Oval off Kable Avenue (all day)
  • Tamworth Regional Playground Car Park (3hrs)

Paid Parking

  • White Street carpark off Kable Avenue in Bicentennial Park
  • Kable Avenue carpark on the south side of Ray Walsh House
  • Country Women’s Association/Hands of Fame car park, in Kable Avenue
  • Tamworth Town Hall car park, accessed from Fitzroy and Marius Streets

Please download our CBD Parking Meter Map (PDF 1.1MB) which highlights parking meter locations.

Disabled Parking

Signposted, designated disabled parking is available throughout the Tamworth CBD with approximately 61 spaces. Look for those spaces marked with the symbol for people with disabilities – a person in a wheelchair.

Disabled spaces are reserved only for those with a current parking permit, for people with disabilities or a mobile parking scheme (MPS) permit. These permits are issued by RMS and shall be clearly displayed inside the car windscreen if parking in a designated space. No time limits apply to designated disabled parking spaces.

Disabled parking places can be found on the Tamworth CBD Parking Map. (PDF 1.1MB)

Other parking concessions for people with a disability

If you have a Mobile Parking Scheme (MPS) permit, the following concessions apply:

  • parking in a ticketed area, no charge
  • limited parking (over 30 minutes), the vehicle can park for an unlimited time
  • limited parking (up to 30 minutes), the vehicle can park for 2 hours
  • limited parking (less than 30 minutes), the vehicle can park for a maximum time of 30 minutes

Please note: The MPS permit does not allow you to park in 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' spaces or in taxi zones or bus zones.

Parking Fines

To ensure regular movement of vehicles in the Tamworth CBD and the availability of parking spaces, Council Rangers and Parking Officers regularly patrol car parking areas in the Tamworth region. While Council officers issue infringement notices, Council are unable to review or waive fines.

Reviewing an infringement

We understand that sometimes people may believe that an infringement was issued incorrectly or unfairly.

Revenue NSW adjudicates and administers all infringement notices and fines for Council. This means that only Revenue NSW can waive fines.

Revenue NSW also acknowledges that under certain circumstances, a person may have grounds to request a review of the issuing of a parking infringement.

For more information visit the Revenue NSW website.

Paying fines

Revenue NSW receipts and processes infringement notices and fines (e.g. parking) issued by Council officers. You have 21 day from the date of issue to pay your fine. 

For full and up-to-date information on fines, penalties, infringement notices and payment options contact Revenue NSW.

Website: Revenue NSW
1300 138 118
7.30am - 8.00pm Monday to Friday
For international callers: +61 2 4937 9207
Revenue NSW
PO Box 786
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Parking FAQs

What parking restrictions apply in the Tamworth CBD?

Time restrictions include 1/4-hour, 1/2-hour, 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour and all day.

Parking meters were introduced in Tamworth in 1965, and upgraded in 2008 to the Pay and Display ticket machines.

Pay parking areas are managed by 42 pay and display ticket parking machines. For current parking fees, click here and search for ‘parking’.

When do parking restrictions apply in the CBD?

Within Tamworth's central business district (CBD), parking officers monitor the following time zone parking restrictions:

• Monday to Friday – 8:30am till 6:00pm
• Saturday 8:30am till 12:30pm

Disabled parking spaces, loading zones, no parking and no stopping zones are enforceable at any time.

Parking restrictions are enforced near schools, neighbourhood shopping centres, where driveways are obstructed and at any location where motorists are parked contrary to parking signage.

Where do I display my car parking ticket?

If you have a printed ticket, it must be placed face up on the dash, so that it can be read by the parking officer. If you don’t place your ticket in a place where it can be seen, you may receive a parking infringement notice.

You don't need a ticket if you download and use the EasyPark app. Go to the EasyPark website on your smartphone to find out how to download.

This information is found on the ticket dispensed from the parking machine.

What if a ticket machine isn’t working?

If a ticket machine is out of order, you must obtain a ticket from another machine in the immediate vicinity of the street or car park in which you are parked. You can report the faulty machine by calling 6767 5555 and quoting the machine number.

What parking signage is used in Tamworth?

Various parking signs are found in the Tamworth CBD. The majority of these indicate a time, followed by the letter 'P', indicating that parking is only allowed for the time set by the signs. For example, 4P means a four-hour parking limit.