Waste Vouchers

Residents across the Tamworth region are able to access four waste vouchers each financial year. Waste Voucher image
One voucher is available for the resident of each property in July, October, January and April. 

New way to access your vouchers

Council has moved to a new self-service platform for waste vouchers, you can now access your vouchers online. This process varies slightly depending if you are a home owner/occupier or a renter. If you do not have a digital device to access your vouchers you can call Council customer service on 6767 5555.

Owner occupiers are already linked to the property in the Council system so you can go straight to the online platform to register and start using your digital vouchers.

Click here to access waste vouchers      

Note: you can only access the Online Resident Services once you are set up in the Council system with the property you are living at.

If you are renting or new to the region click below to register for waste vouchers.

Click here to register for waste vouchers

If you do not have access to a computer or smart device, you can call our customer service team on 6767 5555 and they will help you with the process.

If you are getting someone to help you dispose of waste using your voucher, there will be a place where you will need to sign and formally advise that you have authorised that person to use the voucher linked to your address.


Where and how to use your vouchers

You can use these vouchers whenever you want, providing they have not exceeded their expiry date of 30 June of the relevant financial year.

You can use these vouchers at any of the Tamworth region landfills – click here to find out more about our landfills.

One voucher entitles you to the disposal of up to 2m3 of waste or a standard box trailer of non-recyclable bulky household waste.

Make the most of your voucher by pre-sorting your recyclable and waste material before you arrive at the tip. Most recyclables are accepted free of charge if it is separated.

Not sure what to pre-sort your items into? Check out the resource recovery guide on this page - Resource Recovery | Tamworth Regional Council (nsw.gov.au)

You can NOT use waste vouchers to dispose of the following items:

  • Asbestos
  • Tyres that are subject to fees and charges
  • Skip bin services

View a full list of Terms & Conditions here.

How do I get my waste voucher quarterly?

Council has changed the way we issue waste vouchers and will no longer issue them via mail as the preferred method.

Waste vouchers have switched to an online self-service platform, and you will need to complete the online form the first time you are accessing your waste vouchers, so that we can connect you to the property you live in.

Once you have been connected to the property you live in, to access your vouchers online, you don't have to complete the form again. As vouchers become available each quarter, they will appear in your online self-service portal automatically.

If you do not wish to access waste vouchers online and wish to receive your voucher by email or by post, you can complete the online form to indicate this is your preference, or you can call Council on 6767 5555 for assistance.

However, if you choose not to receive vouchers in the online self-service platform, you will have to complete the waste voucher request form each quarter or call Council each quarter to have your vouchers issued to you.

Choosing this method does not mean an automatic issuing of vouchers, as email or post provision are secondary options that staff have to manually trigger and is not able to be an automated process.