Community Strategic Plan

Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027

The Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027 (Keychange) (PDF 2.5MB) is the major strategic document developed to guide the delivery of services and facilities over the next decade and outlines the goals of this elected Council. 

There are three supporting documents, the Long-Term Financial Plan (PDF 2MB), Asset Management Plan (PDF 2.3MB) and the Workforce Strategy (PDF 1.5MB) which details how we will complete and fund the actions required to achieve the vision and objectives outlined. 

CSP 2017-2027


 2017-2027 Long-Term Financial Management Plan (PDF 2MB)

2017-2021 Long-Term Financial Plan
        2017-2027 Asset Management Plan (PDF 2.3MB)

2017-2027 Asset Management Strategy
     2017-2021 Workforce Management Plan (PDF 1.5MB)       

2017-2021 Workforce Management Strategy 


Delivery Plan 2017-2021

 Council uses the Delivery Plan (PDF 1.6MB) to help achieve the vision and objectives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027 (PDF 2.5MB). This is a four-year plan stating what the elected council will achieve over their term contributing to the Community Strategic Plan vision.
A report on Council's progress in the current year can be found in the March 2020 Quarterly Progress Report. (PDF 27.8MB)

Delivery Plan 2017-21


2018-19 Annual Operational Plan & Annual Report

Sitting behind the Delivery Plan (PDF 1.6MB) is an Annual Operational Plan (PDF 1.6MB) which details the annual actions for each business unit of Council. Supporting this document is the Revenue Policy 2019-20 (PDF 1.4MB).  An outline of Council's achievements can be found in the Annual Report (PDF 5.6MB).

Annual Report 2018-19

 2019-2020 Revenue Policy (PDF 1.4MB)

Revenue Policy 2019-20