Curby Soft Plastics Recycling

Residents in the Tamworth region can now prevent soft plastics from going to landfill with Curby's Soft Plastics Program!Curby with CurbyBag


This innovative initiative is run in conjunction with Australian recyclers IQ Renew and CurbCycle, gives residents a free, home-based option to recycle clean, soft plastics that are not able to be placed loosely in their yellow-lid kerbside bin, including shopping bags, chip packets, bread bags and bubble wrap.

The program is now available to residents in the Tamworth region who have a kerbside recycling bin.

Note: Council have been advised of the CurbyTags taking up to 4 or 5 weeks to arrive over the holiday period, Curby has advised Council that the Tags are on their way to the address you have registered. We thank you for your patience and registering for the program.


Start recycling your soft plastics

Become a Curby member today and join the thousands of Aussies who are diverting their waste from landfill by recycling more materials from home!

Step 1

Download the Curby app.

Curby App store button

Curby bags

Curby Play Store button

Step 2

Complete the Registration in the app. 

Step 3

Wait for your Curby stickers to arrive in the post, once received you can start recycling your soft plastics!


Curby it!

Once your bag is full of the material specific to your program, you’re ready to Curby it!

When the bag is full, scan one of the QR codes on the CurbyTag using the Curby App.

And into your yellow lid recycling bin it goes!

Your CurbyBag is collected with your other recycling on your normal collection day.

Curby process


How does the Curby program work?

Curby recycling process