Urban Street Tree Management Plan

Urban Street Tree Flyer 

Trees play an important role in our urban environment. Not only do they provide cooling shade and habitat for wildlife, they can also;

  • Help to reduce storm water run-off
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Facilitate nutrient cycling for increased soil health
  • Store carbon through the process of photosynthesis
  • Filter and absorb air pollutants
  • Reduce the risk of soil salinity. 

Trees also provide character, ambience and a sense of place – all of which are essential for healthy, vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods.



If you are looking for more assistance, Gardening Australia has great resources on their YouTube channel. See some of their videos below:

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Urban Street Tree Management Plan

The Urban Street Tree Management Plan was adopted by council in September 2021. The plan was developed in partnership with the Urban Street Tree Advisory Group, which consisted of interested community members, industry experts, councillors and staff.

The purpose of the Urban Street Tree Management Plan is to help preserve the character, heritage, and culture of Tamworth and its surrounding towns and villages, and improve the visual appeal of the CBD and the neighbourhoods.

Street Tree and Park Tree Lists

Our region has a unique harsh climate that makes growing a tree establishment challenging, as our temperature ranges from -4 to 44 degrees Celsius.
Both of the recommended tree species lists provide a broad selection of native and exotic trees.

Street Tree Species List (PDF 629.8KB)
Park Tree Species List (PDF 644.9KB)

Street Tree Hierarchy

Click here to view the Street Tree Hierarchy (PDF 168.5KB)

Register of Significant Trees

Council has a Significant Tree Register which lists approximately 120 trees that Council is seeking to protect and conserve.

The Register contains the following information:

  • registration number
  • listing
  • date
  • botanic name
  • common name
  • location
  • property description
  • height
  • trunk diameter
  • date planted or estimated age
  • condition
  • photo
  • significance listing
  • location diagram
  • statement of significance

The Register only identifies significant trees in the former Tamworth City Area.

How can I view the Significant Tree Register?

Please contact the Horticulture and Arboriculture Specialist by phoning (02) 6767 5555.

Plants in the Tamworth Region

Our region is home to a wide diversity of native flora. You can play a role in preserving some of this heritage by growing local, native plants in your garden. Selecting native trees and plants can help you create an environmentally friendly garden which minimises water and chemical use.

Are there plants specifically suited to the Tamworth Region?

The publication, ‘Australian Plants suitable for the Tamworth Regional Council area’ is a comprehensive guide to selecting plants and trees best suited to our region, their care and other considerations for creating a sustainable garden.
It has been split into four pdf files for ease in downloading.

Council will only use plants from the Street Tree Species List.