Protecting Trees and Vegetation

Trees play an important role in our urban environment. Not only do they provide cooling shade and habitat for wildlife, they can also;

  • Help to reduce storm water run-off
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Facilitate nutrient cycling for increased soil health
  • Store carbon through the process of photosynthesis
  • Filter and absorb air pollutants
  • Reduce the risk of soil salinity. 

Trees also provide character, ambience and a sense of place – all of which are essential for healthy, vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods.

Tamworth Regional Council has an Urban Tree Removal and Replacement Policy (PDF 23.5KB) , which aims to preserve, enhance and develop attractive, uniform streetscapes and public open space areas within the Tamworth Regional Council area, while minimising the risk to public safety and property.

Threatened tree species, populations and ecological communities in Tamworth Regional Council area are protected under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

What can I do to protect trees in the Tamworth region?

Here are some simple steps you can take to help protect trees in our region.

  • Retain trees that bear hollows, produce fruits and nectar – all of which are essential for native wildlife
  • Encourage the growth of trees in your neighbourhood especially if they form part of a wildlife corridor
  • Get involved in a local community group working to restore native habitat
  • Find out more about what species of plants and animals occur naturally in your area and create gardens that provide food and habitat for our native wildlife
  • Fence riparian trees and paddock trees to prevent livestock accessing them

Significant Tree Register

Council has a Significant Tree Register which lists approximately 120 trees that Council is seeking to protect and conserve.

The Register contains the following information:

  • registration number
  • listing
  • date
  • botanic name
  • common name
  • location
  • property description
  • height
  • trunk diameter
  • date planted or estimated age
  • condition
  • photo
  • significance listing
  • location diagram
  • statement of significance

The Register only identifies significant trees in the former Tamworth City Area.

How can I view the Significant Tree Register?

Please contact the Horticulture and Arboriculture Specialist by phoning (02) 6767 5555.

For further information on protecting native vegetation, please refer to the NSW Government’s Land Management page

Trees and Plants in the Tamworth Region

Our region is home to a wide diversity of native flora. You can play a role in preserving some of this heritage by growing local, native plants in your garden. Selecting native trees and plants can help you create an environmentally friendly garden which minimises water and chemical use.

Are there plants specifically suited to the Tamworth Region?

The publication, ‘Australian Plants suitable for the Tamworth Regional Council area’ is a comprehensive guide to selecting plants and trees best suited to our region, their care and other considerations for creating a sustainable garden.
It has been split into four pdf files for ease in downloading.

What about trees and powerlines?

Trees and powerlines can be a dangerous combination. Approximately 90 per cent of supply interruptions are caused by trees affecting powerlines, especially during storms.

Be aware of these tips to stay safe near powerlines:

  • A tree shouldn’t touch, overhang or be able to fall across a powerline. A good safety tip is to plant trees at the same distance from powerlines as their potential height
  • Tree pruning or felling can be hazardous near overhead powerlines and should be performed by qualified tree trimmers
  • Always check whether any excavation work you are doing is above underground powerlines, natural gas pipes or other services

Check the Essential Energy website for further information regarding trees and power lines.

Urban Street Tree Management Plan

Council are developing an Urban Street Tree Management Plan and have formed a Tree Advisory Group to advise on the future management of trees within our streets, parks and neighbourhoods.

The purpose of the Urban Street Tree Management Plan is to preserve and celebrate the character, heritage and culture of Tamworth and its surrounding towns and villages, manage Council’s streetscapes, improve the visual appeal of the CBD and neighbourhoods and to incorporate a mature tree nursery.

The Tree Advisory Group is made up of industry leaders and community stakeholders who expressed an interest in sharing their expertise, knowledge and passion with Council to help create the Urban Street Tree Management Plan. The group review and provide feedback on various urban tree management guidelines and policies.

For further information about the Urban Street Tree Management Plan and the Tree Advisory Group, please contact Council.