Community Satisfaction Research

We value the thoughts and contributions of the community in regard to services and facilities provided by Council. Council aim to conduct community satisfaction research on a regular basis so that we can gauge community sentiment about current and future services, projects and initiatives.

Some of our key research objectives include:

  • Assessing and establishing the community’s priorities and satisfaction in relation to Council activities, services, and facilities
  • Identifying the community’s overall level of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • Identifying the community’s level of agreement with prompted statements surrounding wellbeing/connectedness
  • Identifying methods of communication and engagement with Council
  • Identifying priority areas for Council to focus on
An independent research company conducts the research on Council's behalf.


2022 research

The survey was conducted during December 2021/January 2022 with 600 randomly selected residents across all areas of the local government area.

2022 Tamworth Regional Council Community Research full report (PDF 2.8MB)
2022 Tamworth Regional Council Community Research summary presentation (PDF 1.6MB) 

Previous results

2018 Tamworth Regional Council Community Satisfaction Research full report (PDF 1.9MB)