Tamworth Regional Council is the Cemetery Authority for the following cemeteries.

Operational Cemeteries

  • Tamworth Cemetery
    Showground Road, Taminda
    Sections - General, Lawn, Niche Walls, Ash Gardens
  • Attunga Cemetery
    Ridge Street, Attunga
    Sections - General
  • Barraba Cemetery
    Memorial Avenue, Barraba
    Sections - General, Lawn, Niche Wall
  • Bendemeer Cemetery
    Fredrick Street, Bendemeer
    Sections - General, Niche Wall
  • Bowling Alley Point
    Nundle Road, Bowling Alley Point
    Sections - General
  • Dungowan Cemetery
    Ogunbil Road, Dungowan
    Sections - General, Niche Wall
  • Manilla Cemetery
    Namoi River Road, Manilla
    Sections - General, Lawn, Niche Wall
  • Kootingal / Moonbi Cemetery
    Thomas Street, Moonbi
    Sections - General, Lawn, Niche Wall
  • Hanging Rock Cemetery
    Happy Valley Road, Hanging Rock
    Sections - General
  • Nundle Cemetery
    Nundle Creek Road, Nundle
    Sections - General, Niche Wall
  • Somerton Cemetery
    Somerton Tip Road, Somerton
    Sections - Niche Wall

How do I reserve a site?

To reserve a site, you will be required to purchase a Perpetual Interment Right which are available for reservation or immediate use. To purchase a Perpetual Interment Right submit a completed application including photo identification to Council or call to arrange an appointment.  You can complete the application form here.

Please refer to Councils Application for a Perpetual Interment Right form for full Terms and Conditions.

How do I organise a burial?

You or your chosen funeral director can make arrangements for an interment by contacting Council and submitting a completed Order of Interment.

For grave digging or funeral services, please refer to your funeral director for arrangements to be made.

Ashes can be interred in a pre-purchased interment site on application.

Please refer to Councils Order of Interment Application form for full Terms and Conditions.

How do I organise a headstone or memorial?

Start by selecting a Licenced Stonemason, and together submit an Application for Monumental Works to Council for approval.

Monuments/Headstones or Memorials must be constructed in accordance with the Australia Standard AS 4204 -2019.

Please refer to Councils Application for Monumental Works for full Terms and Conditions.

How do I transfer a Perpetual Interment Right?

A Perpetual Interment Right(s) may be transferred by submitting a completed Transfer an Interment Right form.

Please refer to Councils Transfer an Interment Right Application for full Terms and Conditions.

What plaques can be installed?

Council has set sizes for plaques which are used for all Burials, Niche Walls and Commemorative Gardens.

To place an order for a plaque, please contact Councils Customer Service on 02 6767 5555.

Enquiries and appointments

For all enquires regarding Ash Interment, Burials, Reservations and Transfers should be directed to our Customer Service on 02 6767 5555.  There is no office located at the Cemetery.

Should you wish to make an enquiry in person, please make an appointment to ensure an officer is available to assist with your enquiry.

Genealogy Request

A Genealogy Request is a search of Council burial and church records. Tamworth Regional Council took over cemetery record keeping in 1967. Prior to this the cemetery records were held with the local churches. 

There is no fee for this search of records, however, the search can be extensive and Council cannot provide a turnaround time for your request.

To request genealogy details, complete a Genealogy Request here.

Maintenance and repair of gravesites

The holder of the interment right is responsible for maintenance and repair of their gravesite/s. Glass or other items that Council deems to be a safety hazard are not permitted and if necessary, will be removed.

Council will regularly check all new graves and if required organise for them to be topped up with soil if needed.

Guide to Interment Rights in NSW

The NSW Cemetery and Crematoria Agency has a Guide to the Interment Rights System for NSW

Private Cemeteries/Burials

For private cemeteries or burials please contact our Development Hub on 6767 5555 as these require a Development Application.

Closed Cemeteries

  • Manilla Graves – Ratcliffe Road, Manilla
  • Manilla Historic Cemetery – River Road, Manilla
  • Niangala Cemetery – Niangala Weabonga Road, Niangala
  • Oak Swamp / Weabonga Cemetery – Weabonga Road, Weabonga
  • Watsons Creek Cemetery – Millers Road, Watsons Creek
  • Watsons Creek Graves – Den Mountain Road, Watsons Creek
  • Winton Cemetery – New Winton Road, Winton
  • Woodsreef Cemetery – Old Bundarra Road, Woodsreef

Fees and charges

Click here to view cemetery Fees and charges

Plan of Management for Cemeteries

Click here to view Plan of Management for Cemeteries 2017 (PDF 37.6MB)

Click here to view the Cemetery and crematorium operator code of practice 2018