Collection Services

Collection Day

The easiest way to check your collection day is via the My TRC App.

Simply enter your address into the App and you’ll be able to see the collection day for your area well as which collection services are available for fortnightly collections.

The My TRC App also enables you to set up a weekly reminder, so you never miss bin night again!

Alternatively you can contact us to find out.

Click here to download the Waste Services Calendar (PDF 1.8MB)

Your Bins

To ensure your bins are collected, please make sure you do the following:

  • Place your bin out the night before your collection day
  • Place your bin on the kerb or road shoulder in rural areas, handle toward house
  • Place your bin at least one meter clear of telegraph poles, power lines, trees, street signs, cars or other bins
  • Don’t block pedestrian pathways or vehicle access
  • Make sure the lid is closed, don’t overfill the bin
  • Ensure there is no contamination in the bin
  • Remember to take your bin in when emptied the same day as your collection to help prevent theft or damage
  • Avoid storing your bins in the street, footpath or in a back lane

Council currently have three types of bins for waste collection. If your place of residence is eligible for one of three types of waste collection services, you’ll be provided with the appropriate bin.

  • Red lidded garbage bins – weekly collection service
  • Yellow lidded recycling bins – alternating fortnightly collection service
  • Green lidded garden organics bins – alternating fortnightly collection service

Why not download our My TRC App , enter your address and get customised reminders to place your bins out on the correct day?

Our Waste Services Guide (PDF 2MB) provides is a clear and simple overview of exactly what can and can’t be placed in each bin type. To ensure you’re doing your bit for sustainable waste management and to make sure you bin is always collected, be sure to have a read.

Missed collection or damaged bins

If you believe that your bin has not been collected when it should have been, please refer to the following checklist before reporting a missed collection:

  • That it is the correct collection day
  • That the right bin is out on the right week, in the case of fortnightly collections
  • That you have placed the correct materials in your bin
  • That the lid was closed properly and that there weren’t excessive materials sticking out of the bin
  • That your bin weighs less than 70kg – if you cannot lift the front of the bin and move it with one hand, then it is too heavy.

If you can answer yes to all points, please report a missed collection via the My TRC App. Leave the missed bin out for collection once the request has been submitted.

If your bin has been lost, damaged, missing or stolen, please contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 530 535. Charges may apply for bin replacements.

Where your recycling goes

Ever wondered where your recycling goes?

Your efforts in being mindful with your waste and doing your bit for sustainable waste management make a difference.

Here are just some of the ways your recycled goods are re-used.

Council are proud of the following recycled materials that are reprocessed locally:

  • garden organics – reprocessed into mulch and compost and available for purchase
  • clean concrete – reprocessed into road base and drainage rubble and available for purchase
  • clean brick and tile – reprocessed into decorative gravel and bedding sand and available for purchase

Once collected, other household recyclables are transported back to Forest Road Landfill in Tamworth. All recyclable materials (except for glass products) are stock piled until there is enough material on send to processing facility around the country.

Council aim to make use of recycled goods wherever possible. Examples of items made out of recycled materials:

  • Outdoor seating used at some of our pools and Endeavour Park that are made out of approximately 150 milk bottles
  • Plastic road bollards at the Tamworth Skate park that are made out of recycled plastic making them durable, more vandal proof and fire proof.

If you would like to purchase products made from recycled materials check out Recycling Near You – an initiative of Planet Ark for some great examples of household items and building products.

Application for Waste Service

Apply for a new or additional domestic or non-domestic waste service here.


  • Additional charges may be incurred for new or additional waste services. You can read more about the Waste Management Charges in the Tamworth Regional Council Revenue Policy (PDF 4.7MB)
  • Applications can only be accepted by the property owner of their authorised agent. Tenants should contact their managing agent to discuss any requests for waste services.
  • This application is not to be completed for the commencement of waste services for new dwellings. A request to commence waste services for new dwellings will be raised by Council staff once Council has received the Occupation Certificate (OC).