Household chemical drop off

Household chemical waste

There are two community programs to ensure the safe disposal of unwanted or out-dated chemicals.

  • Annual Household Chemical CleanOut focuses on household chemicals (held once a year)
  • ChemClear is a nationally run program focusing on rural chemicals (ie. vet / ag chemicals)

Annual Household Chemical CleanOut

The Annual Household Chemical CleanOut ensures that you have a means of safely and responsibly disposing of unwanted household chemicals that are kept in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage or garden shed.

Tamworth Regional Council conducts the Annual CleanOut Campaign in conjunction with Northern Inland Regional Waste (NIRW).

2021 Dates

The Annual Household Chemical Collection Dates and locations are:

  • Tamworth Waste Management Facility - Saturday, 13 November 2021* (9am – 4pm)
  • Manilla Waste Management Facility - Sunday, 14 November 2021* (1pm – 3:30pm)

* The collection is dependant upon the current COVID-19 restrictions at the time and the collection maybe postponed if our Council area returns to lockdown (this will be advised at the time as the situation changes). Please check Council’s Facebook page and Website for any new or updated information closer to these dates above.

This is the only time of the year that residents can bring in domestic hazardous chemicals for disposal as Council's sites are not licenced to receive this type of waste all year round.

For more information about the types of chemicals you can and can’t dispose of as well as to learn about the safe storage and transportation of chemicals, visit the NSW EPA website or the Northern Inland Regional Waste website. Or call 6767 5555 for further information.

Did you know there are some items you can bring in all year around through the Community Recycling Centre?  For more information on these items visit Community Recycling Centre | Tamworth Regional Council (


ChemClear is an industry stewardship program which is funded to collect currently registered agricultural and veterinary chemicals at the end of their life cycle, or when they become surplus.

Group 1 chemicals (currently registered) are collected free of charge.

Group 2 chemicals attract a disposal fee. These are chemicals which are no longer registered, unknown, unlabelled, out of date or mixed agriculture & veterinary chemicals. You can register online for the program or phone 1800 008 182.