Waste Sustainability

To ensure best practice in waste sustainability and the way waste is minimised, reused and recycled in our region, Council have developed an Integrated Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy (PDF 972.7KB).

This document comprises seven strategic themes that are consistent with the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy and the Northern Inland Regional Waste Strategy.

It identifies seven key themes and develops a number of initiatives aimed at achieving each theme:

  • Avoid and reduce waste generation - Guide the community in reducing the generation of unnecessary waste.
  • Increase recycling - Maximise separation, processing, recycling and/or reuse of all waste materials.
  • Increase Community Recycling and Improve Problem Waste Capture - Ensure that comprehensive and sustainable service arrangements are in place for the community to safely dispose of problem wastes, such as, asbestos and commercial organics.
  • Reduce Littering - Create a cleaner Tamworth Region where all residents play an active part in protecting the environment and improving quality of life.
  • Reduce Illegal Dumping of Waste - Minimise the incidence of illegal dumping and pursue dumping incidents to the extent of available powers.
  • Sustainable, Integrated Waste Management - Develop, manage and improve waste services and infrastructure consistent with protecting the environment and best use of resources within the region.
  • Internal Council Waste Management Initiatives - Demonstrate, manage and improve waste services and infrastructure within its own buildings and facilities where possible.