Social Media Acceptable User Guidelines

On all of our social media pages we welcome your comments and do not discriminate against any views. We encourage you to discuss and share opinions with others and Council via our Facebook pages.

However in order to ensure our page is friendly and welcoming for all visitors, we do moderate where needed.

We ask that when contributing your views to the Tamworth Regional Council Facebook page, you ensure that you adhere to our Acceptable User Guidelines below:

  • Do not harass, threaten or make personal attacks against other users or Council employees
  • Do not post or repost anything that could be considered offensive, prejudicial, racist, off-topic, inflammatory, promotional, repetitive, vexatious, offensive, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate
  • Do not use obscene or offensive language
  • Do not speculate or comment on legal matters or legislation
  • Do not reveal any personal or sensitive information about others on this page and protect your own personal privacy by not including personal details in the public comments
  • Do not link to other websites, Facebook pages or off-topic pages

In the event that a contributor is regularly breaching the Acceptable Use Guidelines on the page, they will be sent a Facebook inbox message warning them that they are facing blocking off the page if their online behaviour is not modified.

Tamworth Regional Council further reserves the right to remove any contributions that break the Acceptable Use Guidelines of the relevant online community, or where a contributor has become obviously vexatious.

Overall, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome on Tamworth Regional Council’s Facebook page. We welcome your comments any time and hope you enjoy spending time here. Generally, all we ask is that you’re polite. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please message us.