Community Safety

Crime Prevention

We are committed to making sure that the Tamworth Region is a community that is safe for all. Feeling safe and secure is crucial for any healthy community and it’s vital that we all work together to address common safety concerns.

Community safety is something everyone can get involved in. Through creating community partnerships with Council, residents, businesses, government agencies and police, everyone can work together to share the responsibility for crime prevention.


Crime Prevention Planning

The aim of crime prevention is to make crime harder to commit and to reduce criminal behaviour by changing the social conditions which lead to such behaviour. Tamworth Regional Council is committed to crime prevention and has established the Tamworth Regional Council Crime Prevention Working Group to oversee and develop various measures to make our community safe. Tamworth Regional Crime Prevention Plan 2017-2022


Tamworth Regional Council Crime Prevention Working Group

The Tamworth Regional Crime Prevention Working Group provides advice to the Council on key strategic priorities or issues in relation to crime prevention in the Tamworth region. The group also oversees the implementation of the Tamworth Regional Crime Prevention Plan 2017-2022.

For more information about crime prevention techniques, or information relating to crime prevention please visit the NSW Crime Prevention website.


Graffiti Management Plan

Tamworth Regional Council’s Graffiti Management Plan 2017-2022 (PDF 1.3MB), was developed in consultation with the Crime Prevention Working Group, Chamber of Commerce, Oxley Local Area Command, Tamworth and district Liquor Accord, street artists and young people.

The plan outlines a framework for responding to graffiti vandalism in our region with strategies including: reporting and removal of graffiti, education and community awareness, prevention, diversion and enforcement.

For additional information about how to reduce graffiti around the region, please visit the NSW Government's Stop Graffiti and Vandalism website.

Public Consumption of Alcohol

Community safety in relation to alcohol and anti-social behaviour is of high importance to Council.

The Tamworth and District Liquor Accord was established in 2005, comprising of members from local hotels, pubs and clubs including Licensees, Council, Police and the Health Department. The Accord aims to raise awareness and educate our community on the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and are committed to preventing crime in and around licensed premises in the community. 

Tamworth Regional Council supports the Accord as part of the Regional Crime Prevention Plan.

Some of the actions Council is taking to reduce problems around late night drinking and anti-social behaviour in CBD areas include:

  • Council has sought feedback from the community through a survey
  • Council is working on a CBD Strategy aimed at reducing the incidence of alcohol-related crime
  • Council has established a secure taxi rank in Brisbane Street, Tamworth (with the support of funding from the NSW Department of Justice and Attorney General) to ensure the safety of community members catching taxis late at night on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Council, in conjunction with Tamworth Police, the Tamworth and District Chamber of Commerce and other key stakeholders, have introduced CCTV in the Tamworth CBD as an ongoing crime prevention initiative

Alcohol Free Zones

An Alcohol Free Zone is a designated area in which the drinking of alcohol is prohibited 24/7 (twenty four hours a day, seven days a week).

There are Alcohol Free Zones in the Central Business Districts of Barraba (PDF 93.6KB), Manilla (PDF 106.7KB), Kootingal (PDF 90.6KB) and Tamworth (PDF 78.7KB). Tamworth's Bridge Street (PDF 109.9KB) and Robert Street (PDF 92KB) are also Alcohol Free Zones.

Alcohol Free Zones are an important measure used to curtail irresponsible and drunken behaviour by individuals and groups on the streets throughout the year. They provide for the public use by motorists and pedestrians of particular roads, streets, footpaths and car parks in safety and free from interference by irresponsible street drinkers.

Drinking within an Alcohol Free Zone

A police officer may seize any alcohol (and the bottle, can, receptacle or package in which it is contained) in the possession of a person if the person is drinking the alcohol in an Alcohol Free Zone, or the police officer has reasonable cause to believe that the person is about to drink or has recently been drinking alcohol in an Alcohol Free Zone.