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Authorised Person
Please download and complete the Proof of Authority Form - Monumental Works and Plaques (PDF 57.1KB).  This form can then be uploaded below.
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Only the grantee (next of kin) or authorised person can authorise the placement of any monumental works.  If you are not the authorised person, proof of authority to act on behalf of grantee (next of kin) must accompany this form.

A plan of the works must be attached to this application.  All monumental works must be carried out by a certified Stonemason and in accordance with the following documentation:

  • Australian Standard for Monuments and Headstones in Cemeteries.
  • Tamworth Regional Council Regulations for Monumental Works.

Please note:  All materials shall be of a permanent nature.  Timber, bricks and mortar, ferrous metals etc are not considered permanent or appropriate for monuments.  In the lawn section of cemeteries, the scope of work will be limited to the provision of the fixing of a plaque and approved headstone to the concrete lawn beam at the site of the grave.

If any monumental work is positioned incorrectly and may interfere with the re-opening of graves for future interments, Council may relocate monuments at their discretion.

Monumental Mason
Monumental Mason Details / Requesting Family Details

This application for the memorial must include:

  • Plan of Memorial including overall dimensions, length, height and width;
  • Details and dimensions of proposed foundations, if applicable; and
  • Details of all materials to be used and surface finishes.

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Design of Proposed Monumental Work
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Particulars of Inscription
Please contact Council's Cemeteries Desk on (02) 6767 5555 for payment options.
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