Waste Depot Credit Application

PRIVACY NOTICE:  Tamworth Regional Council (Council) is collecting the personal information you supply on this form for the purpose of processing your application.  Some of this information may be given to other sections of Council for the purpose of assessing your application.  The Council may make other disclosures, as further stated in the section headed "Privacy" below.


For your Credit Application to be processed, it is required to download and sign Annexure 1 - Guarantee. (PDF 148.5KB).

Applicant's Details
Do you hold a current debtor account with Council?* - required
Business Details
Type of Business
Vehicle Details
Waste Details
Credit Details
Please provide name, telephone number and email addresses of three (3) Trade References
Trade Reference - 1
Trade Reference - 2
Trade Reference - 3
Accuracy of Information

The Applicant warrants that all information given in this application is correct and that no material information is withheld.

If the Application is approved, payment on credit terms is subject to the terms in Schedule 1.  Handling of waste is governed by the separate Forest Road Landfill Terms and Conditions of Entry. (PDF 210.9KB)


By submitting this application, the Applicant agrees to the following:

  • The Applicant gives its irrevocable consent to the Council to approach any person or organisation (whether included as a trade reference above or not) ("information sources") that the Council deems necessary to obtain trade references and investigate the creditworthiness of the Applicant from time to time.  The Applicant authorises the information sources to disclose to the Council such information concerning the Applicant which is within their possession and which is requested by the Council and the Applicant will take any actions necessary to facilitate its authorisation.
  • The Council may disclose personal information relating to the Applicant's credit history with the Council to:
    • credit reporting agencies; and
    • organisations to which the Applicant has listed the Council as a trade reference.
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