Moonbi Museum Committee

Committee Functions

  • Management and operation of the Moonbi Museum including the collection of income from users, subject to all income collected being applied to maintenance and improvement of the Moonbi Museum; and
  • Production of the Moonbi Newsletter.

Contact Details

Chairperson: Bill Humphrys
Postal Address: c-/ PO Box 102, Moonbi NSW 2353
Phone: 0412 868 760

Secretary: Dorothea Vaux
Postal Address: PO Box 102, Moonbi NSW 2354
Phone: 02 6760 3948

Council Contact: Jodie Archer
Phone: 02 6767 5557

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2021 proposed Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 27 October 2021 at 10.00am at the Moonbi Museum, Gill Street, Moonbi. Numbers limited due to Covid Capacity - RSVP to Dorothea Vaux 02 6760 3948