Roads and Bridges

Council is responsible for a sealed and gravel road network across the region that exceeds 3,000km. The road network includes 326 bridge structures, of which a small number are subject to load limits.

To protect and prolong the life or our roads, Council works with a number of bodies including the Traffic NSW and the Mid North Weight of Loads Group, as well as managing regular maintenance programs.

The Local Traffic Committee and Transport Working Group provide technical advice and guidance to Council on a range of initiatives to raise public awareness and improve the safety of the region's roads.

Road Maintenance Programs

Sealed Road Maintenance

Tamworth Regional Council is the road authority for more than 1,200 kilometres of sealed regional and local roads. To keep these roads in good condition, Council has several sealed road maintenance crews that regularly inspect and repair roads where needed. We also re-seal many roads each year.

It is very important that no vehicles are parked on streets on the day that re-sealing works are to take place. Council will notify residents a few days in advance of any re-sealing works via a notice in the mail, so that you can make any necessary arrangements.

Details of major repairs will generally be advertised in the local media. Adverts will outline what type of work will be done, how long it is expected to take and provide details of a Council representative to contact for further information

Gravel Roads Maintenance

There are over 1,900 km of unsealed roads in the Council region, and Council has several crews that inspect and maintain these roads. We also replace gravel on roads (re-sheet) that are in poor condition.

Load Limited Bridges

There are a number of bridges across the region that are subject to weight restrictions. Council has provided a list and map of these load limited bridges and details of the restrictions that apply to them.

Click here to download a map of load-limited bridges (PDF 1.9MB)

Name of Bridge  Road Name  Locality  Load Limit Value  Speed Limit Value  Heavy Vehicle Sidetrack Installed  Comments 
Benama Bridge Old Wallabadah Road Garoo 12 tonnes 40km/h Yes  
Copes Creek Bridge West Bank Road Woolomin N/A 20km/h N/A Provisional load limit to be determined by application to Council as not suitable to carry a fully laden semi.
Fishers Bridge Fishers Lane Piallamore 3 tonnes 20km/h No Vehicles over 3 tonnes GVM should detour via Main Road 105 (Nundle Road) and Duri-Dungowan Road
Retreat Bridge Retreat Road Retreat N/A 20km/h N/A  
Teatree Creek Bridge Limbri Weabonga Road Weabonga Closed N/A Yes  
Walters Bridge Kelsos Lane Bithramere Closed N/A Yes  
Woolomin Bridge   Woolomin 44 tonnes      


Heavy Vehicle Routes

Click here to access the RMS Heavy Vehicle Routes map

Road Safety Education

Click here for information on road safety

Local Traffic Committee

The Traffic NSW is the legislated body responsible for the control of traffic on all NSW roads but it delegates certain aspects of the control of our regional and local roads to Tamworth Regional Council.

Council also plays an important role in the management of road networks by providing traffic input and advice where necessary.

There are guidelines and policies that enable Council to exercise the traffic functions delegated to us by the Traffic NSW.

As part of the management of traffic on a local scale, a Local Traffic Committee (LTC) exists primarily as a technical review committee, which advises Council on some matters.

While the committee has no decision-making powers, any traffic related matters Council wishes to consider must first be referred to the LTC for their recommendation.

The committee is made up of representatives from Council, New South Wales Police, the Traffic NSW and the local State Member of Parliament.

My Road Info

Learn more about how you can get up to date information on what is happening on our local roads with the MyRoadInfo app and website. Updated regularly by Council and the Traffic NSW MyRoadInfo has all the information you need on road closures and delays.

Traffic Management for Special Events

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