Kootingal Recreational Reserve Committee

Committee Functions

• Management and operation of the Recreation Reserve and Kootingal Amphitheatre including the collection of income from users;
• Management and operation of the Kootingal Tennis Courts including the collection of income from users;
• Plan and coordinate the Camping on Kootingal Oval during the Country Music Festival; and
• Plan, organise and conduct the Kootingal Country Fair

Contact Details

Chairperson: Don Grant
Phone: 0409 314 731
Email: kootingalrrc@gmail.com

Deputy Chairperson: Lad Jones

Booking Officer: Lad Jones
Email: kootingalrrc@gmail.com

Secretary: Kevin Seery
Phone: 0438 462 519
Email: kootingalrrc@gmail.com
Postal Address: PO Box 50, Kootingal NSW 2352

Council Contact: Jodie Archer
Phone: 02 6767 5557
Email: trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au

Kootingal Recreational Reserve Committee Facebook page

Kootingal Country Fair scheduled for Sunday 4 September 2022 from 9am to 2pm at the Kootingal Recreation Reserve. Enquiries, please contact kootingalcountryfair@gmail.com

Location: The Kootingal Recreation Reserve is located in Denman Avenue, Kootingal, next to the swimming pool.

The Annual General Meeting of the Kootingal Recreational Reserve Committee is scheduled for 7.00pm on Wednesday 28 September 2022 at the Kootingal Bowling Club, Station Street, Kootingal.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes