Attunga Public and Youth Hall Committee

Committee Functions

Management and operation of the Attunga Public Hall and Youth Hall, including the collection of income from users.

Contact Details

Chairperson: Larraine Abra

Secretary: Ian Regan
Postal Address: PO Box 17, Attunga NSW 2347
Phone: 0428 697 274 

Booking Officer: Darron Johnson (Phone: 0420 428 903) & Margaret Markwick (Phone: 6769 5592)

Council Contact: Lisa Hannaford
Phone: 0409 921 382

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2021 proposed Annual General Meeting scheduled for Monday 11 October 2021, at 10.30am at the Attunga Public Hall, Attunga Street, Attunga. Numbers limited due to Covid capacity - RSVP to Ian Regan 0428 697 274

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