Air Pollution

The Tamworth Region has good air quality, free from serious air quality issues. On occasion, areas within the region may experience short term air quality issues from bushfires, localised smoke from wood fires or odours from various sources.

Council rarely receive complaints regarding air quality; however, it is important that measures are in place to protect our clean, fresh air.

The main causes of pollution in our region include:

  • vehicle emissions
  • backyard burning
  • smoke from solid fuel stoves and heaters
  • dust from unsealed roads
  • extractive and other industries
  • emissions from various licensed premises

The NSW Government has developed The Action for Air Plan NSW, which combines scientific, health, urban planning and economic expertise with feedback from the community, industry and government. Visit The Action for Air Plan NSW for more information.

Councils Environmental Health Officers are responsible for enforcing The Protection of the Environment (Clean Air) Regulation. If you need further information regarding the regulations please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 6767 5555.

The Local Government Air Quality Toolkit is provides Council with authoritative information and guidance on air pollution issues. The Toolkit contains information including specific guidelines for managing air polluting activities identified by Council officers are priority issues.

You may also refer to data available via the Tamworth Air Quality Monitoring Station. Please Note: that this website is only updated a few times each year.

Control Of Burning Maps - Tamworth Regional Council Local Government area

Please review the maps below which show the locations where the Burning of Green Waste is prohibited within the TRC LGA under Schedule 1 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2021.

Burning Prohibited Zones (PDF 4MB)