Australia Day

Australia Day Awards

A day to reflect, respect and celebrate. It is an opportunity for all Australians to come to together and celebrate contemporary Australia while showcasing our diverse culture and recognising our history.

While Australia Day means different things to different people, it is a day that welcomes everyone to reflect on their Australian experience – their past, present and future. ‘Australia Day - Everyone, every story’ showcases these personal snapshots to celebrate all the stories that make our country great.

See the Australia Day Council website for more information and history on Australia Day.


Each Australia Day, we acknowledge individuals who’ve made an outstanding contribution to our community with the Australia Day Awards.
Nominations for the 2024 Australia Day Awards will open in November, 2024.


Previous years' awards recipients:

2023 Australia Day Awards (PDF 136.9KB)
2021 Australia Day Awards (PDF 92.1KB)
2020 Australia Day Awards (PDF 182.9KB)
2019 Australia Day Awards (PDF 41.2KB)
2018 Australia Day Awards (PDF 181.8KB)
2017 Australia Day Awards (PDF 142.5KB)
2016 Australia Day Awards (PDF 21.4KB)
2015 Australia Day Awards (PDF 21.4KB)