Sport Event Subsidisation Application Form

The Sport Event Subsidisation Policy provides sports user groups with the opportunity to apply for a subsidisation to the fees associated with their event.  The policy is listed in Council's General Policy Register, which can be viewed here.

Sports user groups are required to apply a minimum of one (1) month prior to the event and provide supportive evidence of how their event will meet each of the parameters in the application.

Method of Assessment

Sport Event Subsidisation applications will be assessed by TRC Sports and Recreation technical staff and a recommendation provided to the Director of Regional Services for approval.

Applicants will be notified within 10 business days of submitting their request.

The Director of Regional Services will provide the Executive Management Team with regular reports on applications and associated subsidies.

Terms and Conditions

Applications will be subject to the following conditions:

  • a Sport or associated body is only eligible for four (4) successful Sport Event Subsidisations per financial year;
  • a Sport or associated body is only eligible for a total of $12,000 Sport Event Subsidisation per financial year;
  • Sport Event Subsidisation applications must be submitted one (1) month before the event; 
  • TRC reserve the right to decline an application at their discretion;
  • Sport Event Subsidisation approved in accordance with Table 3 of this policy is guaranteed for the confirmed years of the event;
  • Sport Event Subsidisation applications are subject to TRC’s budgetary constraints and no guarantee of subsidisation is provided; and
  • this policy specifically excludes regular / seasonal sport.


Regional: Regional sporting events encompass competition between individuals / teams within one (1) region or representing the local area.
State sporting events encompass competition between individuals / teams representing different regions within a State.
National: National sporting events encompass competition between individuals / teams representing different states. 
No. of participants:   Registered number of participants playing in the event. 
No. of spectators: Total number of spectators watching the event.  Spectators attending the event over multiple days are only counted once. 
No. of bed nights: Number of nights 75% or more of participants / spectators stay in local lodging. 
Economic benefit: The economic benefit of the event, in $100,000's, will be calculated using the industry standard 'Event Impact Calculator' that forms part of the .idProfile software.
Event commitment: Event commitment is the consecutive years the event organiser guarantees the event to be held in the local government area.

Organisation Details
Primary Contact Details
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Event Details
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