Fitzroy Street Precinct Booking Form

Please refer to the Fitzroy Street Precinct Terms and Conditions of Hire (PDF 284KB) prior to completing this application as it contains information relating to submission timeframes and other booking requirements.
Applicant Details
Event Details
Will there be an entry fee charged?* - required
Entry Fee
Event Classification
Please select the appropriate category for your event* - required
Please see Terms and Conditions of Hire (PDF 284KB) for event category definitions.
Structures and Event Furniture
Do you propose to install structures and furniture (stalls, tents, marquees, chairs, stage, flags) at your event?* - required
Structures and Event Furniture
Site Plan

A proposed site plan of the layout of the activity or event MUST be submitted with your application for approval.  The site map must indicate the placement of marquees, stalls, stage, toilets and other associated structures.

The Fitzroy Street Precinct Site Map (PDF 498.8KB), which details restricted areas, power access, permanent structures and other features within the area, must be referenced when preparing a site plan.

Road Closure

There are two (2) existing road closure approvals in place that can be applied to the Fitzroy Street Precinct;

  1. A partial road closure incorporating the shared pedestrian zone only, between Peel Street and the Give Way sign at the end of this zone;
  2. A full road closure between Peel Street and Kable Avenue incorporating the 13 car parking spaces and cul-de-sac at the western end of the street.

These pre-approved road closures are effective each week from 6:00am Friday through to midnight Sunday.  If the proposed event and associated road closure is to be held outside of these times, up to three (3) months notification may be required in order for the road closure to be assessed by Council.

Do you require a temporary road closure?* - required
Which road closure do you require?
To ensure the safety of the public, it is important that vehicles are kept away from patrons in attendance at events.  It is likely that a road closure will be required for all medium and large events to ensure that vehicles are kept out of the event space.  Council will determine if a road closure is required, if the applicant is unsure, and provide information regarding procedures to apply for a road closure.

As a condition of hire, the Hirer shall have and maintain for the period of the hire, a policy of insurance against risks to the public in relation to the event, and such policy is to be of a minimum amount of $20 million in respect to any one claim.  A copy of this insurance must be submitted with this application.

Risk Assessment

An event Risk Management Plan is to be prepared and submitted to Tamworth Regional Council two (2) weeks prior to the event date for all medium and large events.

Council's events staff can provide assistance in the preparation of a risk assessment, if required.

Are you required to be submit a Risk Management Plan?* - required
Site Induction

Site inductions are to be carried out for medium and large events.  This site induction should take place within the week approaching the event date or on the day of the event, prior to set-up if Council staff are available.

Please nominate two (2) preferred days and times for the Site Induction to be carried out.

First Aid
Have arrangements been made regarding First Aid?* - required

Emergency Services must be notified of all events that involve a road closure in Fitzroy Street.  Once an event is approved, Tamworth Regional Council will notify Police, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue on behalf of the Hirer.  Please be aware that the applicant's contact details will be provided to the local Emergency Services as part of this notification process.

If the approved hire of the Fitzroy Street Precinct involves a road closure, this must be advertised and businesses in Fitzroy Street, between Peel Street and Kable Avenue, are to be advised.  Tamworth Regional Council will ensure these notifications occur on behalf of the Hirer.

Food and Beverage
Will food and/or beverages be served?* - required
Food and Beverage

If yes, please ensure that all food stall holders are listed above in the Stalls section.

The Hirer must ensure that all food activities comply with the NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for Businesses at Temporary Events and/or Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles, whichever is applicable.

Is it intended for alcohol to be served?* - required

In order to sell or give away alcohol for a proposed event or activity, a Liquor Licence is required.

If a Liquor Licence is required, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to obtain the Licence and comply with all its conditions and terms.  Information regarding temporary event licences can be obtained from the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing website.

As Fitzroy Street is located in an Alcohol Free Zone, applicants wishing to sell or give away alcohol must complete a form requesting permission from the General Manager of Tamworth Regional Council to temporarily life the Alcohol Free Zone in this area.  This form can be obtained from Council's events staff. 

Waste Management
Would you like to hire rubbish bins from Tamworth Regional Council?* - required
Waste Management

If yes, Tamworth Regional Council will determine how many bins are required for an event, based on the amount of food stalls and expected attendance numbers.  Hire of bins will be charged as per Council's Fees and Charges.

Additional rubbish bins may be required for medium and large events.

Bins will be delivered the day before the event to a compound in Bicentennial Park.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to collect these bins from the compound and return them to the compound at the conclusion of the event.  The compound is locked and a key can be collected from the Customer Service department on the ground floor of Ray Walsh House located at 437 Peel Street, Tamworth.

Waste Management Details
Access for Event Vehicles
Will your event involve vehicles entering the Fitzroy Street area road closure while the event is in progress?* - required
Access for Event Vehicles
If your booking includes a road closure and involves vehicles or motor bikes moving into, out of or through the road closure area while the event is taking place, Tamowrth Regional Council will request a copy of the licence of all vehicle/bike drivers that will be operating each vehicle/bike.  These details will be forwarded to NSW Police.

Larger events may require portable toilets to be brought to the site for patron use.  If Council determines that toilets are required, it is the Hirer's responsibility to arrange and pay for the hire of portable toilets.

Will you require access to electricity?* - required
Please indicate below how many outlets of each type of power you require

I confirm I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Fitzroy Street Precinct Terms and Conditions of Hire (PDF 284KB) and acknowledge that failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in the cancellation of my booking. I accept responsibility for ensuring compliance with local laws and conditions pertaining to use of Tamworth Regional Council property on behalf of the aforementioned organisation.  If applying on behalf of a Company, Incorporated Association or other organisation, I warrant I am a duly authorised representative of the organisation pursuant to the constitution or other governing documentation of the organisation.  In the event the signatory is not so authorised, the signatory acknowledges they will be personally liable for their obligations under this Agreement. Tamworth Regional Council makes no representations of any kind whatsoever as to the suitability of the location for the purpose intended by the Applicant and the Applicant acknowledges they have satisfied themselves as to the suitability of the venue prior to entering into this Agreement. The Applicant further releases and indemnifies Tamworth Regional Council and keeps Tamworth Regional Council released and indemnified in perpetuity in respect of any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, charges and expenses arising out of any matter connected with or related in any way to their use of the venue or this Application, including but not limited to loss, damage, accident, injury, and death of whatsoever nature or kind and however sustained or occasioned and whether to property or to persons and regardless of whether such loss or damage is special, direct, indirect or consequential.

I agree with the above statement* - required
Privacy Statement

Personal information supplied to or collected by Tamworth Regional Council will only be stored and processed by Council for lawful purposes directly related to the functions and activities of Council.  Any personal information supplied will only be disclosed to a third party for the purpose of performing a lawful function or activity and for no other purpose. Disclosure of personal information to a third party will be in accordance with Tamworth Regional Council's Privacy Management Plan (PDF 331.7KB).

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