Let's Talk Rubbish

We work with a waste contractor to provide residents with their kerbside waste services, which can include kerbside recycling, garden organics, garbage services and bulky household waste collection.


Yellow Bin - Likeable Recyclables

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For residents and businesses with access to the kerbside recycling collection service, Council provides a yellow lid bin. We encourage residents to maximise their recycling of empty steel cans, aerosol and aluminium cans, plastic bottles and containers, milk and juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, paper and flattened cardboard.

The yellow bin is collected fortnightly.

It is essential for the recycling process that only the correct items go into the recycling bin. Incorrect items can cause many problems in the sorting process and may results in recyclables ending up in landfill.

Recyclables MUST NOT be places in plastic bags. Plastic bags can do damage to the recycling plant machines.

Yellow Bin- Yes and No list


Other Recycling

Some items can't be placed in the yellow lid recycling bin but can still be recycled for FREE!

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Red Bin

Residents and businesses with access to the garbage collection service are provided with a red lid bin. Any waste that is either not able to recycled or non-hazardous, can be placed in your red bin. Anything you put in the red bin ends up buried in landfill.

The red bin is collected weekly.

We all buy, use and consume goods every day and every one of us has a responsibility to manage our own waste at the end of this process. You use it, you dispose of it!

Council provides services and facilities to help our community manage their waste.

Green Bin

Residents have access to the green waste collection service are provided with a green lid bin. Residents are encouraged to use this service when disposing of their small tree prunings (thin branches up to 1m long), flowers, weeds and grass clippings at home.

The green bin is collected fortnightly.

By using this service, residents are helping divert a large amount of green waste away from landfill, thereby reducing carbon emissions and saving valuable landfill space.

Green Bin - Yes and No list

Reduce and Reuse

  • Make less of the mess. Be a smart shopper, reduce your waste and save money.
  • Choose to reuse. Before throwing an item in the bin, think about how it can be reused.

Want more info?   

Flip through our Let's Talk Rubbish Waste Services Guide (PDF 2.6MB) to make sure your recyclables are likeable and you get it clean in the green!