Tamworth Regional Cycling Centre


The Tamworth Regional Cycling Centre incorporates 2 new facilities including a new 333 metre asphalt velodrome as well as an 880 metre ashphalt criterium track that surrounds the new velodrome and athletics centres.

The Tamworth Cycling Centre facilities are open for free public use, they are only closed to the public when a booked event is being held and the velodrome and criterium track are being exclusively used.

Sports Facilities


  • 333 metre asphalt velodrome
  • 880 metre asphalt criterium track

General Facilities

Toilets  Yes
Wheelchair Accessible Yes
Parking Available (PDF 2.7MB) (please open for approved parking areas) Yes
Canteen  No
Lighting Yes
Play equipment Yes
Drinking water Yes
Pet friendly No


Fees and charges

For all fees and charges in relation to accessing the Cycling Centre, please click here.



To make a booking for use of the Cycling Centre please refer to Council's online booking system, Bookable. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Information, Terms and Conditions for Sports and Recreation Venue Hire or Use (PDF 900.3KB) document.




Frequently asked questions for general use

Can the public use the Tamworth Regional Cycling Centre?

Yes, Criterium Track and Velodrome are available for recreational use by the public with bicycles, or other apparatus such as scooters, roller blades and roller skates. (Please note: we cannot guarantee the surface for roller blades and roller skates)

The facilities are used by competitive cyclists, recreational users should always check and be aware for cyclists and keep to the left as they pass.  

What are the opening hours for the public?

The Criterium Track and Velodrome are accessible to the public at all times, except when the facility is booked for an exclusive event.

However the lighting is only available for bookings, so we recommend recreational users visit during daylight hours.

Can I take my go cart, motorized or electric toy on the track?

No, motorized vehicles present a risk to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. 

Please explore other venue options for these activities. 

What is the cost to use the facilities?

Tamworth Regional Cycling Centre is free to use for recreational activities and training. 

Fees & Charges apply when the facilities are exclusively booked for events and competition. Please see fees and charges information on this page.

What are the site rules and conditions for entry?

- Ride in an anti-clockwise direction
- Slow riders should keep left, faster riders pass on the right
- Avoid sudden braking or direction changes
- All riders to wear an approved helmet
- Ride within your ability and be considerate to all users
- This is a shared precinct, beware of pedestrians
- General access may be restricted if track is booked
- Lights on bicycles must be used before sunrise and after sunset on criterium track
- Please respect the facilities and surrounds; Vandalism and Graffiti will not be tolerated
- Be aware of the inherent risks in using these facilities including but not limited to:
- Injury by collision with other facility users, objects or falling
- Injury by not wearing appropriate safety equipment, including helmet
- Injury by slipping, tripping or falling 
- Parents and carers must evaluate these risks before allowing children to use the facility
- Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
- Use of this facility may be hazardous, please take reasonable care for your safety and observe the prohibition, warning and information symbols:
- Use of this facility is at your own risk
- Slippery surface
- Uneven surface
- Wear protective gear
- No alcohol
- No glass
- No littering
- No smoking
- No golf
- No dogs
- No horse riding
- No motorcycles
- CCTV Cameras in use
- Shared path

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