Traffic Management for Special Events

When planning an event, you have a legally requirement of duty of care to ensure the safety of road users and vehicle traffic generated or impacted by the event, as well as such as event participants, local businesses, pedestrians, and residents.

Legislation around traffic management for special events is outlined in the Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events produced by Traffic NSW.


So I want to hold a special event, what do I need to do?

  1. Decide what Special Event Class your event is.

    Note: If you are conducting a Class 4 Event – a moving event under Police escort, please complete the application as for a Class 3 Event - An event with minimal impact on local roads.

    Special Event Class 1

    • An event that impacts major traffic & transport systems
    • Significant disruption to non-event community
    • Example: An event that reduces the capacity of the main highway through a country town.

    Special Event Class 2

    • An event that impacts local traffic & transport systems
    • Minimal impact on non-event community
    • Example: an event that blocks off the main street of a town or shopping centre but does not impact a
      principal transport route or a highway.

    Special Event Class 3

    • An event with minimal impact on local roads
    • No impact on non-event community
    • Example: an on-street neighbourhood Christmas party.

    Special Event Class 4

    • Moving event under police control
    • Impact varies from significant to minimal
    • Example: a small march conducted with a Police escort.

    For more information or to determine which class your event falls under, please call TRC Road Infrastructure on 6767 5555 or go to the 'Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events'.

  2. Get a copy of your current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificate.
  1. Choose the type of event from the following options:
This event is:

Applications must be submitted a minimum 2 months prior to the event.

The Council must refer all traffic related matters that impact the function of a road or roadside area to the Tamworth Regional Local Traffic Committee (LTC) prior to granting approval. The LTC meets once a month on the first Wednesday from February to December. Events must be submitted to Council 10 days prior to the LTC monthly meeting. Formal recommendations from the LTC to Council are submitted to the first meeting of the following month. 

All proposals recommended by the LTC must be formally approved by the elected Council. Council meetings occur twice a month from February to November, and once in December. 


For further information or if you have any queries, please contact:

  • Tamworth Regional Council – Operations Engineer, Angela Webb, Phone: 02 6767 5005
  • Tamworth Police – Phone: 02 6768 2962, Mail: PO Box 542, TAMWORTH  NSW  2340  
  • Traffic NSW - Website:, Email:, Phone: 02 8396 1513