Tamworth Regional Blueprint 100

Blueprint 100 cover - Part One

Blueprint 100 - Part One (PDF 12.9MB)    

Blueprint 100 Cover Part Two

Local Strategic Plan (PDF 18.1MB)

Planning for growth

Planning now means that we are ready for the future regardless of the timeframe, and we can implement strategies that smooth the impact of population growth for everyone – both current and future residents.

This is not only a plan about new residents also for all of us who live here now – and our children and their children. It is a about a well-planned sustainable community where we can continue to have the lifestyle we enjoy.

For our region to prosper in the years ahead, it is essential our community grows at a rate which ensures our local economy stays strong.

We have a responsibility to our community to plan today for Tamworth tomorrow. By starting now, we can plan for our future to ensure that Tamworth is a smart, sustainable regional leader.

Blueprint will align all tiers of government with regional priorities and our Community Strategic Plan.

What is Blueprint 100?



What is Blueprint 100 and why is Council preparing it?

Blueprint is a plan to guide future use of land within the Region towards a population of 100,000 people. It will ensure that there is sufficient infrastructure and opportunities for jobs growth and great places for people to live.

Will we have enough water to cater for this growth?

Council together with Federal and State government are currently developing a number of options to ensure current and future housing and industry water needs are met.

Why plan for growth up to 100,000 people?

It has been shown that regional centres with bigger populations can offer a wider range of employment, health and education opportunities.

Where will the increase in population live?

They will live in Tamworth and the existing towns and villages within the Region. There is also opportunity to plan for new housing areas.

How will growth occur?

Tamworth has had sustained growth over the past decade which is expected to continue into the future. Initiatives by government and industry are expected to support population growth going forward.