Q073/2021 – Supply and Delivery of 1 x Tractor

Tamworth Regional Council is seeking quotes for Quotation No Q073/2021 for the Supply and Delivery of 1 x Tractor.

Quotation documents and specifications are only available via email request to k.martin@tamworth.nsw.gov.au. up until 12:00pm AEDT Thursday 24 December 2020. Quotation documents will not be issued via any other method, or after this date and time.

The deadline for submissions is 09:00am AEDT Monday 4 January 2021.  Quotation submissions will only be received via email to Council's external email address trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au.

Council is not bound to accept any quotation and any party who directly or indirectly canvasses support from an elected member or servant of the Council will be disqualified.