Quotation - Q116/2021 – Forest Road Landfill Weighbridge Optimisation Works

Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) is seeking the services of a suitably qualified, experienced Contractor to undertake Design, Construct, Installation and Commissioning services for two new additional aboveground weighbridges to complement the existing 60t aboveground weighbridge located at Forest Road Landfill.

TRC is proposing to upgrade the existing weighbridge infrastructure at the entrance of the site and include additional site management facilities opposite the existing weighbridge building.  The works are intended to align with the draft 2020 Master Plan adopted by Council and must be completed by June 2021.  A dual weighbridge system is sought to complement existing 60t weighbridge for the site to reduce the excessive queuing experienced at the weighbridge.

Submissions close on Wednesday, 17 March 2021 at 11:00am AEDT.

Further information can be obtained from Council's Tenderlink Portal: https://portal.tenderlink.com/tamworth 

Council is not bound to accept any quotation and any party who directly or indirectly canvasses support from an elected member or servant of the Council will be disqualified.