Facility Improvement Fund Application Form

Guidelines and Important Information

Who can Apply?

Applications are restricted to Section 355 Facility Management Committees of Tamworth Regional Council.

What can the funds be spent on?

Any capital project that displays community consensus and community benefit.

What is the maximum amount of money available to each group?

Funding available through this program is limited and Council will be endeavouring to support projects which provide maximum community benefit. Council’s contribution to each project will not exceed $10,000.00.

Does Council require matching funding or matching in-kind support?

Yes; Section 355 Committees must be able to match the amount they are requesting either through providing matching funding, matching in-kind support or a combination of both. Projects which contain a higher level of community contribution may receive a higher priority. Note: in-kind support rate: $25.00 per hour for volunteer labour; and $40.00 per hour for contractor/professional volunteer labour.

Will Council provide the exact amount of funding asked for?

Not necessarily; Council reserves the right to provide all, part or none of the funding requested in each individual application.

Completing the application

All questions within the application must be completed. Council requests that photographs of the project site along with quotation for the works are included in the application. Please note that incomplete applications may not be considered for funding; this includes the absence of costing and quotes.

Some structural works (new and additions) may require Development Consent. Please clarify this with you S355 Committee Coordinator prior to preparing your application as the development application fees will need to be included in your project budget.

Applications for the Facility Improvement Fund 2022-2023 open Friday 11 November 2022 and close on Tuesday 24 January 2023 at 5:00pm. Late or incomplete applications will be ineligible.

Who makes the final decision about how the funds will be distributed?

Once all applications have been received, they will be summarised and a determination made at an Ordinary Meeting of Council.

What happens after the Council meeting?

All applications will be acknowledged on receipt. Following the Council meeting, all Committees who lodged an application will be advised of the outcome of their submission; those who are successful will be advised of the amount allocated and the method of accessing the funds.

Project completion

It is expected that projects will be completed by 30 June 2022. Should a project not be completed by this date, the Committee must notify Tamworth Regional Council. Projects that have not commenced by this date will forfeit any funding allocated through the Facility Improvement Fund.


Following completion of the approved project, the Committee is required to complete and submit an Acquittal Form together with photos of the completed project.

The acquittal form will be forwarded to successful applicants at the time of program announcement.

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Project Timeframe
Privacy Statement

Personal information supplied to or collected by Tamworth Regional Council will only be stored and processed by Council for lawful purposes directly related to the functions and activities of Council.  Any personal information supplied will only be disclosed to a third party for the purpose of performing a lawful function or activity and for no other purpose. Disclosure of personal information to a third party will be in accordance with Tamworth Regional Council's Privacy Management Plan (PDF 331.7KB).

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Congratulations to the successful 2021-2022 (round 2) applicants as follows:

Limbri Public Hall and Recreation Reserve Local Committee
One unisex and disabled access flushing toilet at Limbri Hall      $10,000.00

Weabonga Hall and Recreation Reserve Local Committee
Storage Shed                                                                                $1,996.00

Woolbrook Hall and Park Committee
Purchase and Installation of a park barbecue                               $4,105.00

Congratulations to the successful 2021-2022 (round 1) applicants as follows:

Dungowan Recreation Ground Committee
Improvements to the brick amenities block $10,000.00

Limbri Public Hall and Recreation Reserve Local Committee
One unisex and disabled access flushing toilet at Limbri Hall $10,000.00

Piallamore Recreation Reserve Committee
Improvements to court side building $3,809.00

Tamworth Regional Film and Sound Archive Committee
Work Space Ventilation Upgrade $650.00

Woolbrook Hall and Park Committee
Upgrade of oven and sink in hall kitchen $4,838.00