2023 Toyota Star Maker Entry Form

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Please complete all of the relevant fields below and should you require further clarification, refer to the Terms and Conditions of Entry (PDF 170.2KB) or email info@starmaker.com.au


Terms and Conditions

Please upload a signed copy of the full document, after reading all the terms and conditions.
Career Biography

Please upload a document which details your career biography.

Please upload two head and shoulders photographs – one portrait and one landscape PLUS a full-length portrait option.

Please ensure images are high-resolution 300dpi and in colour.
What I will do if I win

Please upload a document explaining what you will do if you win.

Song Entries

We require you to provide two song entries in mp3 format.

Please upload the songs to your own Dropbox account and provide the links below.

How to upload files and folders to Dropbox

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Artist Channels
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